WWE women champ Rhea Ripley shares inside story on signing up for TikTok: “Work made me get it”

The current WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley is a member of The Judgment Day faction. The NightMare recently tasted a high level of success since turning into a heel character. Rhea Ripley has also blindsided her opponent Natalya on WWE Raw.

For those who are not aware, Ripley is the most followed WWE Superstar on the Tiktok platform. She also surpassed the current Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns in terms of followers on that platform. Recently, The NightMare also shared a secret behind her Tiktok account and gave her reaction to his insane fan growth.

Why Rhea Ripley joined TikTok?

The current Women’s World Champion recently revealed a surprising fact or reason behind her Tiktok account. Ripley revealed that she is not interested at all in creating a Tiktok account. However, the WWE management calls the shots and due to work, Rhea Ripley had to make her Tiktok account.

Apparently, She become famous on Tiktok as she recently surpassed The Bloodline leader Roman Reigns in terms of followers. She also stated that now she thinks it was the right decision made by the company as she experienced SkyRocketed growth since creating the account.

She also mentioned the accolade of having the most number of followers as a WWE Superstar on the platform.

Rhea Ripley’s fight confirmed for MITB?

As of now, Rhea Ripley is not scheduled to have any match in the upcoming premium live event i.e. Money in the Bank 2023. On the latest edition of WWE Raw, She also blindsided Natalya which seems to be an indication that maybe The Women’s World Champion will not compete in the upcoming show.

Rhea Ripley

It seems like The Women’s World Champion, will be still involved in the premium live event. The Judgment Day member may interfere in matches of the faction’s other members. Not only Dominik Mysterio but Damian Priest is also set to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

On the other hand, Finn Balor is also set to face The World Heavyweight Champion The Visionary Seth Freaking! Rollins. If Ripley attacks Cody Rhodes & costs him his match, then maybe the return of Brandi Rhodes could happen as an equalizer in the match to assist The American Nightmare toward the victory on the show.


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