“If you don’t like it, go start your own MMA league and pay ‘em whatever you want to pay ‘em” Dana White defends Power Slap League fighter pay criticisms

Following the slapping incident with his wife Anne, Dana White started acting slightly tame for a little bit. Now that the media attention has died down and people have moved, it seems the angry and confrontational version of the UFC president is back.

Recently, the Power Slap League attacked a critic online for daring to 1uestion the new promotions payment structures.

There was already controversy brewing with the Power Slap League as the participants couldn’t defend themselves and had to take slaps with full force to the face. Such maneuvers are dangerous and can lead to serious conditions like CTE.

Dana wants to brush off all queries citing the presence of medical professionals in the field.

The long time ramifications of such horrible practices can be severe and fighters should probably receive a good paycheck to cover the unfiltered damage they have to conceive.

Unfortunately, White got into a further controversy after former UFC fighter Eric Spicely revealed terrible contracts to participate in the Power Slap League.

$2,000 is barely enough to cover expenses for a month for anyone living an average life but for a professional fighter who has to take a lot of damage? This is atrocious. Fans were initially puzzled at the news and promptly got angry which led to a lot of complaints on Dana’s social media.

The UFC head Honcho could’ve easily avoided such a confrontation but in keeping with his nature, decided to hit back at fans.

In response to an Instagram comment, he wrote, “How MMA started too. Boxing undercards make this kind of money still. Educate yourself before u open the YAP.” 

Is Dana White correct?

Sadly for Dana, it’s not the 1990s anymore and UFC is a bigger, more successful promotion. So it is very much possible to adjust the pay structure from the bottom up. As far as boxing goes, Amateur boxers may make less money, but they can also protect their faces from damage to avoid paying high medical bills or sustaining concussions.

What do you make of the situation?


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