“If you don’t want to get hit don’t hit nobody period” Jamahal Hill tries to justify Dana White’s slap at wife Anne

Dana White has been the subject of a lot of discourse online lately after getting into an altercation with none other than his wife Anne White. As most fans, fighters, staff, and outsiders take the safe stance of adapting the mainstream narrative, one championship challenger has come to the UFC president’s aid.

Jamahal Hill is set to fight Glover Teixeira for the vacant Light-heavyweight championship title on UFC 283 in Rio. The UFC fighter probably saw the one-sided unfair backlash Dana was receiving and decided to deliver some much-needed common sense amongst all the naysayers across the web. Without mentioning any names, Hill first makes this not-so-cryptic Tweet.

He also rightfully pointed out that both Dana and Anne had released similar statements where they confessed to having created the entire mess out of intoxication from overconsumption of alcohol. Now that things are seemingly normal between the couple, people who are preaching big virtues (which probably are not present inside their own life) got called out by ‘Sweet Dreams’ too.

But the usual suspects kept shouting at the Chicago-born fighter so he decided to clear his stance on the matter saying, “Like I said if you don’t want somebody to hit u don’t hit them simple!!!” He ended his concisely crafted tweet challenging the internet tough guys to hit up his gym and ‘do something about it.

In face of the continuous unjustified backlash, Hill pointed out the hypocrisy of the online misandrists by pointing out their attempts to twist his non-violent message as him somehow promoting misogyny. The Blue belt points out how it’s a ‘human’ reaction to hit back if we get attacked and how the trolls were pursuing men to act differently from natural instinct. Here are some more examples of online stupidity,

UFC 283 takes place in Rio on January 22.

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