Conor McGregor’s friend Dillon Danis reportedly pulls out of his fight against KSI, find out the reason

Dillon Danis has humiliated himself yet again. The Jiu-Jitsu practitioner has long been touted as a joke in the MMA community. He stayed away from fighting for such a long time that many only might recognize him as the cornerman who got jumped by Khabib during the Conor match.

However, Dillon never stopped being a joke on Twitter, he reportedly called out strong fighters in the UFC claiming he could stop them handily. But perhaps Danis was trying to earn some credit back to his name as he challenged Youtuber KSI to a boxing match. Many also believe that he was only calling for the fight so that he could make some money.

After all this talk, the Bellator fighter discredits himself yet again as he is now seemingly out of his fight against KSI. No official words have been released yet but a member of Danis’s management team has come forwards with exclusive information on Twitter.

In his statement, Mams Taylor said, “I got a phone call saying Dillon is pulling out of the fight. The real reason, from what they said to me, is that he’s underprepared, he has no coach, and he might be struggling with weight. For someone who cares about his reputation as much as he does, or what people think of him, I didn’t think that this would be something despite many people saying the opposite, ‘He’s not going to show up to the fight.’ They were right.”

A pre-fight press conference was set to take place between the challengers but Danis skipped the conference. KSI responded to the matter, “I mentioned at the press conference that Dillon was being haunted by me. He made his excuses and knew he couldn’t handle what I bring to a boxing ring. This answers the question whether he’s a fighter or not. He’s a warrior all right, a keyboard warrior, and hopefully he’s learned to leave the real men to speak with their actions rather than hollow words.”

KSI’s fight is likely to get rescheduled against YouTuber Faze Temperrr.

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