“I’m the biggest threat”: Robert Whittaker slams UFC champion Israel Adesanya for ducking him and seeking bout vs Dricus Du Plessis

The upcoming UFC 290 event during International Fight Week will feature a match between former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker and highly ranked South African contender Dricus du Plessis. 

However, Whittaker is already looking ahead to a potential third fight with current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Robert has accused Adesanya of avoiding the trilogy bout and instead choosing to face du Plessis.

Adesanya and du Plessis have exchanged words, with du Plessis claiming to be the “first true African UFC Champion,” and Israel responding by urging him to win his title eliminator bout against Robert.

Whittaker believes Adesanya’s support for du Plessis may be driven by ulterior motives, particularly after du Plessis’ controversial comments about former African champions. In a recent interview with Fox Sports Australia, Whittaker commented on the situation.

“He doesn’t want to fight me, I’m the hardest fight in the division for him. That first one, not so good for me. The second one, nearly. This third one though, I have a really good feeling I am going to win.”

“I’ve been evolving every fight, you can see it. If you watch back my fights, every fight I’ve been getting better. I think I’m the biggest threat to him and his reign at the present moment. So, of course he wants Du Plessis to win. It’s a much easier fight, but it doesn’t bother me.”

Although Bobby Knuckles is focused on his upcoming fight against du Plessis at UFC 290, he is determined to earn a rematch with Israel in the future.

Adesanya defeated Whittaker by knockout at UFC 243 to become the new UFC middleweight champion and then successfully defended his title against Whittaker in a rematch at UFC 271, where he won by unanimous decision.

Robert Whittaker discloses his plans to take down Du Plessis

Preparations are underway for Whittaker’s middleweight clash against Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 290, a fight which is widely considered to determine the next contender for Israel Adesanya’s title. Whittaker’s mindset and training regimen for the fight have been revealed in the lead-up to the bout.

Robert Whittaker vs Khamzat Chimaev

While Whittaker has acknowledged his opponent’s skills and given him the respect he deserves, he is also confident in his own abilities. The former champion is convinced that he is superior to Du Plessis in every aspect of mixed martial arts and is preparing accordingly.

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