“We are fighters, we need to get up”: Canelo Alvarez shares candid thoughts on Gervonta Davis KO victory vs Ryan Garcia

Canelo Alvarez and Ryan Garcia were once training partners and had a close relationship, but their relationship hit a rocky patch when tensions arose between Garcia and their mutual trainer Eddy Reynoso.

The dispute centered around Reynoso’s perception of Garcia’s lack of discipline and Ryan’s feeling that he didn’t receive enough time from the trainer.

Following the altercation, Ryan announced his departure from the San Diego stable, and since then, his relationship with Alvarez has been strained. Recently, Garcia suffered his first loss to Gervonta Davis, who stopped him in the seventh round with a vicious liver shot.

Canelo Alvarez

The fight drew significant attention from the boxing community, including Alvarez. Who shared his thoughts on the bout and offered his take on the fighters’ performances.

Canelo Alvarez opens up about Garcia’s loss

Canelo Alvarez has recently weighed in on Garcia’s loss to Davis, and his comments have been making the rounds on social media.

According to boxing journalist Michael Benson’s Twitter account, Alvarez expressed the belief that boxers should have the will to get up from a hard punch, implying that Garcia may have lacked the necessary resilience to continue fighting after being hit with a liver shot from Davis.

This sentiment echoes the opinions of many fans and boxing analysts who were disappointed with Garcia’s performance and questioned his toughness.

However, it’s worth noting that liver shots are notoriously painful and debilitating, and many fighters have been unable to continue after being hit with one.

“Good fight. I thought it was gonna be a little more action, but Gervonta’s too good. That [body shot] hurts a lot, but we are fighters, we need to get up.”

Given his extensive experience and having faced numerous formidable opponents. Alvarez’s perspective holds significant weight in the boxing world.

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Despite previously supporting Ryan, since their split, Alvarez has been honest and straightforward in his opinions of the young fighter.

Although he acknowledges Garcia’s talent, he also praised Davis for his exceptional display of boxing skills and strategy in the fight against Ryan.

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