Canelo Alvarez discloses his desire to become a pro golfer after retiring from boxing: “It’d be amazing if I could make the Tour”

Boxing great and undisputed super-middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez has declared that he intends to embark on a new endeavor when he hangs up his gloves.

The Mexican boxer has his sights set on a professional golf career with a burning ambition to compete on the PGA Tour and perhaps even take home a major title. Canelo has always been a golf enthusiast and has been practicing his golf swing in between his boxing training sessions.

Canelo Alvarez

Alvarez’s Passion: From Knocking Out Opponents to Hitting Hole-in-Ones

Canelo is not one to back down ever from a challenge. In fact, he believes that golf is even more difficult than boxing as one tiny mistake can make a significant difference. Canelo is quite well aware of the difficulties he shall have to face in the realm of golf. However, he is devoted to pursuing his ambition with the same zeal and tenacity he uses in the ring of boxing.

Canelo plans to focus on golfing seriously after retiring from boxing in the next three or four years, once he has added more to his already impressive legacy in the sport. Renowned golfers like Jon Rahm, who thinks Canelo has what it takes to thrive on the course, support him.

Canelo’s golfing hero is none other than Tiger Woods, and he dreams of playing alongside him someday. For now, Canelo’s focus is on his upcoming fight against John Ryder in Mexico, where he plans to defend his world titles with the same passion and determination that he will bring to his golfing pursuits in the future.

Canelo Alvarez: The Fighter Who Wants to Conquer Golf

While some may think that he started the game of golf too late, Canelo is not one to let others dictate what he can and cannot achieve. To put everything into perspective, Alvarez, a guy of many abilities, has set his eyes on a new endeavor: professional golf. He is a fighter both inside and outside the ring and relishes thoroughly a good challenge.

How far will he go? Who knows? Maybe he’ll get the opportunity to play a game of golf with his idol,  Mr. T., one day.

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