‘Innocent until proven guilty’ Pep Guardiola defends Man City amid FFP rule violation allegations

Pep Guardiola came up with support for Man City as the Spanish-born manager defended Citizens after they were charged by the Premier League with breaching over 100 rules of fair play regulations.

These allegations were brought upon through a four-year investigation by PL while they monitored the events since the Abu Dhabi-based United group took charge of the club, back in 2008.

The punishments which could be imposed upon Man City are fearful and the PL governing committee formed a team who will listen to both parties and will deliver a verdict with further investigations taking place.

Guardiola attended the press conference prior to Man City’s home game against Aston Villa that will take place on February 12 and the journalists were quick to remind him of the scandalous event.

The former UCL winner manager is arguably one of the best in his business and the Spanish maestro is not ready to admit anything until the charges brought upon them are proven thoroughly.

“My thought is that we have already been condemned. Since Monday it is like what happened with UEFA. The club proved that they were completely innocent, why should I think right now, with just charges of suggestions.”- the Man City manager argued.

Pep Guardiola led Man City to win four Premier League titles in the last five seasons and has an immense love for the club. The legendary manager is appalled after what he is witnessing as people jump to the conclusion ever since the charges were lodged.

“We are lucky we live in a society where everybody is innocent until proven guilty. We didn’t have this opportunity. (People say) we are already guilty. I think we have good lawyers but the Premier League – supported by 19 teams who are going to take good lawyers too.”

“If we are not innocent, we will accept what the judge or Premier League decide, but what happens if it’s the same as UEFA and we are innocent? What happens to restore our damage?”- Guardiola left frustrated with the topic.

Man City appointed Barrister Lord KC Pannick to defend the delicate case which promised to be a dramatic event and the City Football Group is desperate to pull the thorn out of their throat.


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