Inter Miami owner and Man Utd legend David Beckham sheds light on importance of signing Lionel Messi: “Massive moment for us”

After snubbing a return to Barcelona and a lucrative contract with Saudi club Al Hilal, Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami on a free transfer. The move is widely considered by many to be the best-ever transfer to the league, one that is certain to boost the revenue and popularity of the MLS to new heights.

Fans are now clamoring to know the date when Messi makes his debut for the David Beckham owned club. On top of that, a drastic increase in ticket prices for all the games further showcases the hype of Messi’s arrival in the US.

David Beckham on Lionel Messi to Inter Miami

And now David Beckham himself has opened up on the transfer of Lionel Messi. There is no doubt that Beckham’s involvement with Inter Miami is one of the reasons Messi joined. 

The former England legend gave an interview with the Athletic where he talked about Messi. He said how he received so many messages after the transfer was made official.

“A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to about a million messages on my phone. I was thinking, ‘What’s gone off? I don’t usually get this many messages.’ All of a sudden, I hear Leo has come out and announced he’s coming to Miami. Obviously, it wasn’t a surprise to me.”

Beckham’s club has also seen the arrival of Sergio Busquets. They are also currently trying to bring in Luis Suarez and Sergio Ramos to the club.

“I have always said, from the word go, that if I had the opportunity to bring the best players in the game to Miami, at whatever time of their careers, I would do that. I have always made that commitment to our fans.”

Beckham then called Messi the best player in the world and was happy that the Argentine now plays for his club.

“So when I hear that one of the best players — if not the best player — who has won everything in the game, who is still a great player, still young and still doing what he’s doing, wants to play for my team, it’s a massive moment for us.”

Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami contract details

Messi’s contract with new club Inter Miami is said to be the best in MLS history. Though he will have a significant wage reduction from his European days, the MLS has covered it up with other offers to lure the Argentine sensation to the US.

Messi’s base salary at the club will be around an annual wage of 50 million dollars. As he has signed a two year deal, with an option for another year, he could earn 150 million dollars from the whole deal. But it is not even the cherry on top of the cake that was offered to Messi by Beckham.

Inter Miami will receive support from two of the league’s biggest partners: Adidas and Apple. The sources say that MLS and Apple have agreed to give Messi a percentage of the revenue generated when new subscribers join the MLS Season Pass. The MLS Season Pass is the official streaming channel of the league on Apple TV+.

Apple recently signed a 10-year agreement with the league worth $2.5 billion. Apple TV+ will also release a documentary based on Lionel Messi’s World Cup success. As Lionel Messi has joined the MLS, the channel will gain more subscribers which will be beneficial for Apple. 

Adidas already sponsors Messi- the biggest asset of the company. Moreover, now they are also chipping in with the MLS to entice Messi. He will be given a percentage of the revenue generated from Adidas products such as shirts.

Upon his eventual retirement, Messi will also be given a percentage of shares in the club.

It is clear that the club has done everything to entice Messi to join the league, and it is just a matter of time before the MLS witnesses the Argentine play on their pitch.

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