Is the Francis Ngannou door-breaking footage fake? Disclosing truth behind the viral clip

Francis Ngannou recently went viral for a door-breaking incident, which later turned out to be a prank. The video gained considerable attention over time. Later, Francis shared a heartwarming moment with the shopkeeper.

Francis is also gearing up for his most significant fight to date against Tyson Fury on October 28th. This will be Francis’s first boxing match, challenging the heavyweight world champion in a boxing bout.

Truth behind Ngannou’s viral footage

Francis had recently gone viral, for breaking a door. It turned out to be a prank. At the time a lot of people could not believe how he did it. People are aware on how strong Francis is but, that seemed like an impossible task even for someone like the heavyweight fighter.

A subsequent video revealed that it was all part of a prank, which even included a stunt double. The door was never actually broken, and Francis wasn’t directly involved in the whole scenario.

Francis also shared a heartwarming moment with the owner. Initially, the owner was quite upset with the former UFC heavyweight champion, but later on, he was happy again as Francis offered to cover all the repair costs.

Tyson Fury aims to KO Ngannou within 6 rounds

Francis is going to be fighting Tyson Fury at the end of this month. He has a massive challenge in front of him, facing the boxing heavyweight champion of the world is not an easy task especially if it’s someone’s first boxing fight. But Francis is being trained by Mike Tyson. Tyson did acknowledge Francis saying that he is in incredible shape.

Tyson believes that he is going to knock out Ngannou within six rounds. He stated, “I’m going to knock him out inside six rounds,” Fury said. “I’ll get on the front foot, high arm, catch him with a punishing jab, 19/20 stone in the face. Bust him up, swell his eyes out and bang, KO. On the front foot, not running away. No one can take my power, nobody. These heavyweights don’t have a chance.”

It will be interesting to see how Francis attempts to outbox the heavyweight champion. It would be the biggest upset of the year if Francis somehow manages to secure a win here. How do you see this fight playing out, do let us know.


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