Islam Makhachev stirs up UFC world by challenging Conor McGregor to unexpected title fight accusing Michael Chandler “lost on purpose”

Islam Makhachev, the current UFC lightweight champion, has made a daring statement about Michael Chandler and his performance in the octagon. Makhachev was present at the UFC 285 event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also had a backstage conversation with Caroline Pearce from BT Sport.

During the interview, Makhachev alleged that Chandler intentionally lost some of his fights to be selected as Conor McGregor’s opponent when he returns to the octagon.

“Conor choose Chandler. Chandler lose on purpose because if he beat [a] couple fo guys, it’s never gonna happen, you know, versus McGregor… He fight like crazy, like [he] comes from the street. That’s why they make the fight,” said Islam Makhachev during his backstage interview with Caroline Pearce at the UFC 285 event.

Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor UFC TUF 2023

Makhachev expressed his lack of interest in fighting Conor McGregor for a title fight, deeming him unworthy. However, if the UFC proposes that match up to him, he would consider it. Michael Chandler, during his time in the UFC, has generated significant attention. By delivering thrilling performances in his five octagon appearances, although he has only won two of them. Despite this, Chandler is widely regarded as one of the most captivating fighters currently in the UFC.

Islam Makhachev weighs in on potential opponents 

In his conversation with Caroline Pearce, Makhachev spoke highly of Beneil Dariush’s fighting abilities. He also suggested that a bout against him would be thrilling. Makhachev also mentioned Charles Oliveira as a potential opponent if he has an impressive showing in his next fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev

“Honestly, Dariush is gonna be a good fight because this guy has good skills, striking skills, wrestling skills and grappling skills. That’s why it’s gona be a good fight. But Oliveira… if he show good performance, maybe he’s gonna be next,” said Islam Makhachev during his interview with Caroline Pearce.

Beneil Dariush and Charles Oliveira will face each other at UFC 288 in May. The victor of their match may have a chance to fight Islam Makhachev for the lightweight championship.

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