Tyson Fury “too scared to fight” accusation made by Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter after Gypsy King’s no-rematch clause demand

There is still some doubt about whether or not Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury will go through with their blockbuster battle. Oleksandr Osyk’s promoter, Alexander Krasyuk, has this time brought up the rematch clause as an issue, which puts the future of the bout back into question.

The heavyweight bout between Fury and Usyk, which has been highly anticipated for a long time, is slated to take place on April 29. Despite this, the drama and uncertainty, which has been going on for more than three months at this point, still persists. Fans are completely uncertain about whether or not the battle will ever take place because it seems like both fighters are taking one step forward and then two steps backward.

What did Oleksandr Osyk’s promoter say about rematch clause? 

Alexander Krasyuk, who is in charge of Usyk’s promotional activities, gave a recent interview to Talk Sports in which he discussed the most recent advancement in the fight. The manner in which things have been negotiated on Tyson’s side is not likely to win over Alexander’s approval.

Just a day before yesterday, Usyk agreed to Tyson’s 70-30 split offer. However, according to Alexander, the British side is now demanding for a no rematch clause. The Ukrainian thinks this is nothing but yet another way to pull out the fight. 

“As soon as Usyk accepts a no rematch clause there will still be searching for another thing to find and pull out the fight. I tell you why. He bluffed and Usyk called his bluff. This is 100 per cent. He didn’t expect Usyk to accept 70/30.” said Alexander. 

At this point, Usyk’s boxing promoter expresses his lack of trust in The Gypsy King. According to him, even though Fury talks about training and working hard to face Usyk next month but deep down inside The British boxer is just scared to face his man. 

“He was not in a training camp and we say the next morning the theatrical performance that he was pretending to jog and fight someone in the ring. It’s all about nothing. He’s not prepared and scared to fight. He will try to find a way to avoid Usyk for as long as possible.” Alexander further added.

In the beginning of this week, Tyson stated that he would only fight if he received the larger share of the financial cut. Osyk insulted the British fighter by referring to him as “greedy,” before verbally agreeing to the condition that he will receive the smaller share.

Do you think that, after everything that has happened, the bout between the champions of the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organization will be given the go-ahead to take place?

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