Israel Adesanya reveals motivation behind controversial celebration at UFC 287: “Bow and arrow is synonymous with me, it’s no beef”

Israel Adesanya was successful in exacting long-overdue retribution on his adversary Alex Pereira at UFC 287. Adesanya recently revealed the specifics of his contentious celebration against ‘Poatan’.

On April 8, ‘The Last Stylebender’ and  Pereira’s much-anticipated middleweight title bout took place in Florida’s Miami-Dade Arena. Izzy made a splash with his celebration as he at last exacted revenge on Pereira, his adversary from the kickboxing days.

Israel Adesanya weighs in on controversial celebration

Many MMA fans both praised and criticized Izzy’s celebration, which was intended to mock Poatan. The Nigerian fighter, at last, decided to go into great detail about his celebration to clear all the doubts. 

In an interview with the MMA Hour, The Last Stylebender shared the reasons why he did that celebration by stating, “I took his whole s**t. Now, bow and arrow is synonymous with me… It’s no beef.”

Israel Adesanya’s fervent desire to exact revenge on his longtime adversary Pereira is merely a matter of conjecture. Izzy gave his arch-enemy the recognition he earned and displayed amazing humility despite this. 

“I wasn’t, for the last six years, like ‘F**k, I’m going to get this kid,’ but I just knew I’m going to get him because when it happened I said, ‘If my son did that to someone I just knocked out, I’d be like what the f**k are you doing? Apologize to that man because I didn’t raise you that way.’ Adesanya added. 

How many times has Adesanya lost to Alex Pereira?

Adesanya has previously been defeated by Alex, who is waiting to start his MMA career in the light heavyweight division soon. Izzy has so far lost three fights to the former middleweight champion. In addition to their first MMA bout at UFC 281, Poatan defeated Izzy twice in kickboxing.

In a kickboxing contest in 2016, a Brazilian fighter and the fighter from Nigeria fought for the first time, initiating their rivalry in combat sports. A year later, the two fighters faced off again, but the result was the same: Izzy lost to Poatan.

Despite Izzy’s fourth effort in Miami-Dade Arena being successful, the Brazilian fighter believes that his kickboxing victories versus Izzy are proof of his dominance. Pereira recently claimed via Twitter that he is superior to Adesanya due to his overall 3-1 lead.

Do you think Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya will engage in a third MMA encounter even though a trilogy fight between the two is unlikely to take place in the near future given Pereira’s move up to the light heavyweight division?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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