Israel Adesanya wife-girlfriend: Is he married or dating a girlfriend?

“The Last Stylebender” Israel Adesanya is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters in the world right now. His fighting prowess and style bending has made him a popular champion in the UFC. But despite being such a great fighter, little was known about his personal life until now.

There is a lot of intrigue amongst fans about who Adesanya is dating or even if he is married! Israel was found to be linked with Australian actress Margot Robbie and model Lottie Powdrell. But there are also major rumors that Israel may be homosexual due to his antics in and outside the octagon.

Whatever the case may be, let us dive deep into Israel Adesanya’s personal life regarding his wife-girlfriends.

Israel Adesanya wife – is he married?

Israel Adesanya is undoubtedly a very flamboyant personality, a lot of aspects of his life are known to the public and he also has a successful YouTube channel where he showcases his family and friends. But one mystery is still alive, which is if Izzy is secretly married?

Since his personal life has been so secretive when it comes to relationships, fan speculation has run like wildfire. There have been questions about even Izzy’s sexuality and possible secret marriage. As a high-profile public figure, it would have been difficult for him to keep his marriage secret. Later, it’s been reportedly revealed that Israel Adesanya isn’t really married and may have a girlfriend instead.

However, online images and videos of him with his rumored love interest have appeared. Let us take a look at those.

Israel Adesanya girlfriend – who is he dating now?


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As mentioned previously, Izzy was supposed to have dated famous Hollywood actress and Australian sweetheart Margot Robbie. Reports claimed to have seen Stylebender with the hot blonde. But that theory was eventually debunked when the fact that the girl Adesanya was with was a look-alike of Robbie was revealed. The woman instead turned out to be Lottie Powdrell, an Australian Instagram influencer.

Powdrell bears a striking resemblance with Margot Robbie sharing similar colored hair and facial features. A video of Israel Adesanya and Lottie Powdrell in the bathtub together surfaced online before his fight against Paulo Costa. This proved to many that Miss Powdrell was indeed dating the middleweight champion of the world.

But since then the couple has not been seen anywhere else in public or in videos and seem to have broken up. Claims about Izzy becoming bisexual or homosexual were rampant after he humped his opponent Paulo Costa and turned his hair pink. Izzy has been trolled in the online community and by opponent fighters for his questionable sexuality.

Now whatever the case may be Israel Adesanya is definitely not married and has probably broken up with his only known girlfriend Lottie Powdrell. It remains to be seen if the Stylebender will ever settle down with a girl or not.


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