Israel Adesanya diet and workout plan: Mystery behind absolute fitness

Israel Adesanya is the reigning UFC middleweight champion from New Zealand who is set to face Jared Cannonier in UFC 276. Adesanya is well-known for his 22-1-0 pro MMA record, and he remains undefeated in the UFC’s middleweight division. He was able to attain this honor because of his strict diet and intense training sessions.

The 32-year-old has been successfully making weights before fights and maintaining his shape without retaining fat and fluids in his body. His personal dietitian, Jordan Sullivan, is there to assist him, and his teacher, Eugene Bareman, sets him up for his path to glory. Without further adieu, let’s delve deep to uncover the mysteries of Israel’s power pact fitness.

what’s Israel Adesanya’s workout routine?

Israel Adesanya’s workout routine is primarily determined by how he feels that day. He will push the limits if he is pumped. If he isn’t, he will take it slow and easy. The 32-year-old’s MMA sparring is the most crucial component of his fitness program. He will not lift heavy weights at the gym; instead, he would rather sharpen his MMA moves with his trainer.

Adesanya solely concentrates on enhancing his fighting ability, this is what allows him to consistently perform at the top of his game. So the MMA training session is a mix of everything he does in the ring, such as punching, kickboxing, and other maneuvers. The StyleBender’s workout routine also includes Shadowboxing as he confirmed in an interview, “Shadowboxing is like a part of me it’s kind of like a turret that just comes anywhere and anytime.”

Take a glimpse at his workout routine,

Agility Training Speed Training
Lateral Plyometric jump 3 x 10-15 Fast feet drill x 4
High-Knee running 3 x 15-20 Around the cone drill x 4
Side-to-side lateral running 40 yard dash x 5
Box jump 3 x 10-12 High-to-low drill x 4
Dot drill 3 x 10-12 Speed ladder and change of direction x 4
Three cone drill 3 x 5 Left-to-right single leg jumps x 4
L drill 3 x 5 Single leg hops x 4
Plyometric agility drill 3 x 10 Sit to jump x 4
Shuttle runs 3 x 15 Single leg band jumps x 4


Back Workout Shoulder Workout
Barbell deadlift 4 x 4-8 Barbell strict press 4 x 8-12
Dumbbell row 4 x 10-15 Seated Arnold press 4 x 10-12
Close grip cable row 4 x 10-12 Dumbbell lateral raise 4 x 10-15
Hyperextension with plate 4 x 10-15 Plate front raise 4 x 10-15
Wide grip lat pulldown 4 x 8-12 Reverse pec deck machine 4 x 10-15


Leg Workout Arm Workout
Barbell squat 4 x 8-12 Alternating dumbbell curl 4 x 10-12
Dumbbell Romanian deadlift 4 x 10-12 EZ bar preacher curl 4 x 10-12
Seated leg extension 4 x 10-15 Standing cable curl 4 x 10-15
Lying leg curl 4 x 10-15 Triceps pushdown with 4 x 10-15
Standing calf raise machine 4 x 15-20 Dumbbell forearm curl 4 x 10-12


Explosive Workout
First workout: Plate jump 4 x 8-12 
Second workout: Frog squat jump 4 x 8-15
Third workout: Box squat jump 4 x 8-12 
Fourth workout: Dumbbell swing threw jump 3 x 6-10 
Fifth workout: Standing triple jump 3 x 4-8
Sixth workout: Finger clean 4 x 3-6
Seventh workout: Dumbbell jerk 4 x 8-10
Eighth workout: Ravers 3 x 15-25
Ninth workout: Concentric box jump 4 x 6-10
Tenth workout: Long box jumps 3 x 4-8

who is Israel’s nutritionist?

Israel Adesanya’s nutritionist is Jordan Sullivan, the founder of The Fight Dietician. For years, Sullivan has been developing fight-day diet regimens with some of the world’s greatest UFC fighters, including UFC champions Alexander Volkanovski.

Once a fighter has completed the weigh-in, getting them back up to their natural fighting weight is typically a race against time. Naturally, a lot of that comes down to rehydration, but diet and nutrition are also crucial in helping a fighter reach their target weight as well as in ensuring that they are satisfied and happy when they enter the ring.

This is where nutritionists come in handy, as they are well aware of the process and can get the fighter up and running in no time.

What’s Israel Adesanya’s diet plan?

Israel typically consumes five meals and a pre-training snack per day. For professional MMA fighters, this is the most efficient dietary approach. Izzy ensures that his body gets adequate protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats to fuel his training. Here is the diet plan of Adesanya,

  • First meal: Overnight oats with bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips
  • Second meal: Chocolate chip protein pancakes with Eggs, banana, and bacon
  • Third meal: Teriyaki Chicken with rice and potatoes
  • Fourth meal: Honey BBQ chicken with wild rice
  • Fifth meal: Wild rice with sweet chili chicken

The nutritionist of Adesanya used a distinctive strategy to develop this meal plan. The day begins with overnight oats, so Israel’s body can recover from the last day’s workout. Oats are a great way to start the morning because they have fiver and will keep you full for a longer period. Because of this, he continues to receive nutrition when he is working out.

Israel Adesanya’s weight cutting methods

Every UFC fighter, including our middleweight champ, is aware that weight cuts can be a grueling procedure. Firstly, the last Stylebender spends a maximum of fifteen minutes in the sauna to run the sweat down, which helps him stimulate the weight loss process. He would then return home and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

The following morning, he immediately jumps into a hot bathtub and lies there for an additional fifteen minutes, allowing him to overheat rapidly and burn more fat. After that, he enters a body bag and spends ten minutes there, eliminating any remaining body fat. And thus, your middleweight champion is now prepared for a weight check, ladies and gentlemen!

what are Izzys preferable pre-fight meals?

Jordan Sullivan recently took to TikTok to reveal what a boxer like Adesanya would consume on the day and night of a fight. The meals aren’t that complicated at all, it consists of five meals and a pre-fight snack which is high in protein and “8 to 10 grams of carbs per kilogram.”

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