“It ain’t f*cking science”: Sean O’Malley blasts Aljamain Sterling for recent health excuses, tells the Bantamweight Champ to train hard

Sean O’Malley appears to be dismissing Aljamain Sterling’s concerns regarding his health. Following Sterling’s recent expression of apprehension about being prepared to face O’Malley on August 19 at UFC 292 in Boston.

Is Aljamain Sterling Injured

Due to lingering injuries from his previous title defense, O’Malley seems to believe that there is ample time for Sterling to recover and prepare. He displayed a dismissive attitude towards Sterling’s comments, suggesting that he does not consider them to be of great significance.

Since UFC 288, ‘Sugar’ and ‘The Funk Master’ have engaged in a heated exchange of verbal jabs. During the main event held earlier this month, Aljamain secured a split-decision victory over Henry Cejudo, successfully defending his bantamweight championship.

With this accomplishment, he established a new record for the most title defenses in the division, totaling three.

After his triumph, the bantamweight champion engaged in a confrontation with O’Malley at the center of the octagon. Remarkably, only a few weeks after their encounter inside the cage.

They have already been scheduled for their next showdown. The anticipated rematch is set to headline UFC 292 in August, pending Sterling’s fitness and ability to compete.

What Sean O’Malley said

Sean O'Malley

In recent weeks, Sterling and the UFC have been engaged in a back-and-forth discussion regarding his return to the octagon. While the bantamweight champion expressed his desire for a fight in September or October.

The promotion is faced with the task of filling their schedule. Consequently, Dana and the UFC have insisted on Aljamain making a swift turnaround.

Despite Sterling’s reservations about an August fight, Sean has embraced the opportunity. On his podcast, the bantamweight contender responded to the champion’s recent remarks.

O’Malley expressed that the short notice shouldn’t be a significant concern and clarified that he does not have control over the date selection.

“He acts likes he calls the shots!” Sean O’Malley stated on the TimboSugarShow podcast. “I’m not listening to you, it’s not like I call the shots either. Dana said August, so I said August.

It’s not like I told Dana ‘Hey, f*cking run it in August I’m the man, I run this s*it’. I said ‘Hey, Uncle Dana’ I didn’t call him ‘Daddy Dana’ like he says. I said ‘Uncle Dana, when you want me to beat up Aljo’, and it happened to be August.”

He continued, “I don’t know what his point is here. What’s his plan by even tweeting this?… I mean, you did just fight but look at Izzy. That motherf*cker fought four times in 12 months.

You have four months. It’s four months from a fight, take two months off, heal up, and train hard. It ain’t f*cking science… It’s called discipline.”

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