“It’s a bad organization right now” Clippers guard John Wall takes his shot by mocking Rockets culture amid tanking allegations

John Wall is not having the best of seasons in the Clippers camp. The Los Angeles Clippers are seeded eighth in the Western Conference with an out-of-form John Wall. The point guard did not feature in the last three games, having performed poorly earlier in the tournament.

Back in 2020, playing for the Rockets, Wall averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists per game; this season, his stats significantly dropped to 11.4 points and 5.2 assists per game. His poor run of play is due to him being benched by the rockets for the entire 2021 season. 

After going through a terrible season, John Wall, a five-time All-Star, spoke out on the Run Your Race podcast about his time in the Rockets camp, which changed him for the worse.

What did John Wall say in the Podcast?

In the Podcast, Wall spoke about his Journey to the point he is today. However, While talking about his former team, Wall did not hold back his frustration towards the Rockets and went on to bash their coach and culture.

Before coming into the Huston team, the “North Carolina Legend” was part of the Wizards and came to Huston expecting to play alongside his mate James Harden. Harden had already experienced the Rockets’ culture and left to join the Jets. Regarding this, John said, 

“I’m going there thinking James is gonna be there, but he already wants out. When I landed, I’m like, ‘What’s up? I’m about to land.’ He’s like, ‘Well I’m on my way to Atlanta to go to Lil Baby’s birthday.’ He’s asking if I want to get on the jet with him.”

Moreover, the Huston Rockets are sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference with a twelve-game losing streak. It is not new for the team, as they have done worse in previous years. Wall did not miss his opportunity to bash the team and said, 

“My first year in Houston, we were tanking. We lost 20 in a row. We were trying to lose on purpose—tanking.”

Furthermore, John had a lot to say about the roster and the coach, as they wasted his talent by benching him for the most inappropriate reasons.

John, rightfully disgusted with how he was treated in the Huston Rockets team and with his form dropping afterward, went on to say, 

“I would tell them don’t get adjusted to this losing s—. It’s a bad organization right now. They’ve got to fix some s—.”

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  1. The Rocket did not obtain the old John Wall. He is a terrible shooter and he was part of the reason they lost 20 games in a row. He lacked everything assisted with a team player when he arrived in Houston. Terrible pick up for the rockets.


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