“Seek @Paradigmsports!” Could Conor McGregor’s advice help Francis Ngannou with Future negotiations?

The event many MMA fans were fearing has finally approached, Francis Ngannou has indeed parted ways with the UFC. UFC President Dana White and Ngannou himself have released their respective statements regarding the matter. Now Conor McGregor has chimed in to share his piece of advice.

The UFC Vegas 67 was significant for a lot of reasons. Not only was this the first UFC event of 2023, but this was also the first time Dana White would address the press after he got into an altercation with his wife. But Dana being the businessman he is, had other plans and decided to drop some bombshells.

Dana talked about the negotiations with the heavyweight champ saying, “We’ve been negotiating with Francis for more than two years. We offered Francis a deal that would’ve made him the highest-paid heavyweight in the history of the company – more than [Brock] Lesnar, more than anybody, and he turned the deal down.”

White also claimed that Francis was probably looking to move on to other opportunities where he could make more money from inferior opponents. The Cameroonian prodigy also had to go through a long recovery period which could be a driving factor behind his decision to hang off his UFC gloves.

However, Ngannou attempted to come clear with his side of the story after the event. He detailed his issues in an interview with Ariel Helwani and a video from his YouTube channel. The reasons cited by the former UFC heavyweight champion were much different than what Dana was claiming.

‘The Predator’ said that he was vouching for the right to hold custom sponsors on MMA apparel (which was allowed in the past). He also wished for more free agency in terms of fighting opponents across promotions (as he wants to potentially fight Tyson Fury). Insurance was another concern of his.

Conor came out on Instagram to write, “Correct representation is imperative. Seek @paradigmsports.”

Will this advice actually help ‘The Predator’ get better deals? Let us know down below!


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