“It’s going to be MMA”: American media sensation Jake Paul signs with PFL for MMA debut in 2023

Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul has had a pretty decent start to his professional boxing career so far. Even though he lost his latest fight against Tommy ‘TNT’ Fury via split decision, Paul still has some big victories under his very young resume.

The YouTuber-turned-professional boxer has defeated former UFC champions like Tyron Woodley[Twice] and Anderson Silva, which include some impressive knockouts.

In a surprising move earlier this year, The 26-year-old signed a deal with PFL[ Professional fighters league]. Until now the details of how Paul will be involved with the organization were unclear, but recently PFL chairman and co-founder Donn Davis shed some light on the major signing.

He said “Jake Paul is absolutely going to fight in 2023. I mean, that’s, that’s been the plan all along. I know he’s in the gym, and he’s training, taking it very seriously. So expect to see him in the PFL cage in 2023, and it’s going to be MMA. He’s very serious about MMA, and he’s an incredible athlete. I think he’s gonna really develop into a superstar in the sport.”

Paul after sealing this new deal said “I’ve proven myself in and out of the boxing ring and now I am going to do the same in MMA,” He said in a statement. “There is no limit to the positive impact I can make on the sport. I plan to enter the PFL SmartCage and once again show the world that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.”

When is Jake Paul fighting next?

Jake Paul’s undefeated run finally came to an end after his loss against his biggest rival Tommy Fury on February 26th. Although one judge gave the fight to Paul on his scorecard, anyone who watched that full fight could sense Paul getting outboxed from round one.

He did land some solid power shots that had Fury in some trouble, but for the majority of the fight, Fury was controlling the center of the ring.

Jake Paul

After the fight, there was talk from both camps of a potential rematch. Paul in particular said, “We can have a rematch. I think we deserve that rematch”. Although in a recent revelation, it has come to light that Tommy Fury may snub ‘The Problem Child’ for a money fight with another British YouTuber-turned boxer KSI.

Talking about the potential match-up, Fury’s father John Fury said “If it can be done, we will do it. Whoever else wants to box Tommy, ring the number and get in touch. I don’t deal with the Jake Paul rematch, I am on a rest period and I have just left that to my lawyer. But I’m sure if it can be done, we can do it.”

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