“It’s nothing but good memories”: Bulls’ Patrick Beverley hails Clippers “elite” fanbase sharing fond memories in heartfelt interview

Patrick Beverley, now with the Chicago Bulls, recently spoke fondly about his time with the Los Angeles Clippers. Beverley was with the Clippers in between two eras, the “Lob City” era with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan, and the current era with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Despite not being a part of the team during its most well-known moments, Beverley was there during a successful period in which the Clippers made it to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history in 2021.

Beverley was traded to the Clippers in exchange for Chris Paul, and he played a key role in leading the team to the playoffs in 2019 alongside Lou Williams. The team was supposed to be in a rebuilding phase after trading away Blake Griffin, but Beverley and Williams helped to establish a foundation for the team that would lead to their success in later years.

What Patrick Beverley said about Clippers’ fanbase?

Beverley praised the Clippers’ fanbase, describing them as “elite,” and spoke positively about his time with the team. He and Williams were instrumental in guiding the team during a period of transition, and their efforts laid the groundwork for the Clippers’ current success.

We were fortunate to get Kawhi [Leonard],” Beverley told Joey Linn of All Clippers. “We think we would’ve won a championship if it wasn’t for the bubble. But to come back and get to a conference finals with a hurt Kawhi—we’ve done a lot of good things here.”

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While the 6′ 2″ tall athlete may not have been a part of the Clippers during their most well-known eras, his contributions to the team during a period of rebuilding helped to establish the foundation for the team’s current success. With a talented roster led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers are poised to continue their winning ways and potentially win a championship in the near future.

The Heart and Soul of a Culture Change: Patrick Beverley’s Enduring Connection with Clippers Fans

Patrick Beverley played a key role in the Los Angeles Clippers’ rebuild and transformation into a dangerous contender, after arriving in a trade that marked the end of the Lob City era. Beverley’s tenacity on defense and reliable three-point shooting made him a valuable asset on the court, while his leadership and work ethic helped create a winning culture in LA.

Despite falling short of a championship, the current Bulls’ man expressed his gratitude for the Clippers organization and the city of LA, saying he always bet on himself and is excited for his new opportunity with the Chicago Bulls. Beverley said, “The love I have for the Clippers and LA, the way they brought me in and took care of me, my family. Blood, sweat and tears I put into this game, for the team, my teammates, lifetime friendships… I always bet on myself and this is another opportunity to bet on myself.”

If he continues to be the same player and person he was in LA, Beverley will be an important addition to his new team and continue to make an impact in the league.




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