Jake Paul boldly predicts KO win over UFC veteran Nate Diaz in August 5th boxing fight: “100 percent, he is going to sleep”

Jake Paul is known for his unwavering determination to face almost any challenge that comes his way. Once again, the emerging boxing sensation has confidently stated he will utterly dominate his upcoming opponent in the ring, Nate Diaz.

Scheduled to occur on August 5 at the Dallas American Airlines Center, the upcoming showdown between the internet personality-turned-boxer and the experienced MMA veteran has generated significant anticipation. 

Jake Paul confidently predicts KO win over Nate Diaz in August 5th boxing fight

During a recent interview with TMZ, Jake reiterated his strong message to the MMA veteran. The YouTuber-turned-boxer confidently asserted that he will allow his actions to speak. 

“He’s going to have to pay for all this hard work, all the sacrifice I’ve made during this camp. I promise I’m going to be the first person to stop him on Aug. 5. 100 percent, he’s going to sleep.” Jake said. 

The Problem Child boldly declared once Diaz steps into the ring with him, he will witness firsthand his impressive speed, power, and skill. Furthermore, Jake emphasized that Diaz will find it extremely difficult to land any punches on him, causing significant frustration throughout the fight. 

Female UFC fighter claims Jake Paul used steroids, predicts Nate Diaz win

With less than three weeks remaining until the fight, both the boxing and MMA communities are abuzz with enthusiasm for this much-awaited event. During the pre-fight media conference for UFC Vegas 77, Chelsea Chandler made direct accusations against Jake, alleging his use of performance-enhancing drugs to affect his muscle mass,

“Look at Jake [Paul], he is on steroids. Okay, and those guys gas out. You got big muscles, they get tired. So, Nate [Diaz] pushes it into the later rounds, I think he’s gonna take it.”

The featherweight fighter emphatically stated that Paul’s reliance on steroids would result in a significant negative impact on his endurance and overall performance in the upcoming fight.  

When it came to picking a winner of the fight, Chandler, hailing from Stockton, expressed her support for her fellow Stockton native. She confidently stated, “That’s a hard fight, but team Stockton. Yeah [Nate Diaz wins], I think so.”

What is your prediction for the much-anticipated bout between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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