Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes argues with Andy Reid refusing to leave field despite injury during Jaguars Playoff game: “F***, goddammit”

A brief inside look at the quarterbacks’ on- and off-field lives during the 2022 season are expected to be provided by the “Quarterback” docuseries, which will focus on three of the league’s top quarterbacks, including Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 8 episode docuseries is scheduled to come at Netflix in Summer of 2023. Amid the buildup to the premier, a video clip from the series went viral regarding a conversation between the Chiefs’ quarterback and their head coach Andy Reid that astounded the NFL fan base.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes gets into a heated argument over not leaving the field despite injury

Patrick was diagnosed with a right high ankle sprain during the playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in which he threw for two touchdowns to lead his team to a 27-20 victory.

He suffered the injury in the first quarter but managed to stay on the field. Larter, he was replaced by Chad Henne in the second quarter. But as it turns out, things were heating up in the background.

Chiefs' Andy Reid wanted Patrick Mahomes after first meeting | The Kansas City Star

The viral video clip of the documentary shows that in spite of suffering from injury, the 27-year-old was determined to play and not leave the field. Yet, the head coach was not ready to comply rather wanted to remove Pat from the game with a replacement.

The two-time Super Bowl winner was spotted adamant about his stay and was arguing with Reid to carry on the game using explicit language. Later in the clip, the quarterback was seen venting his frustration on HCs’ decision despite insisting on at least one more drive. 

The conversation between the Chief’s player and the head coach was as follows:

Reid: “I’m going to take you out here.”

Mahomes: “No! F**k no, I’m good, hell no, f**k no, I have one more drive at least, no way, no, I’ll do it at halftime, I’m good, there’s no f**king way, no f**king way!”


NFL fans detest Mahomes’ wife Brittany in Netflix’s Quarterback clip

The clip also covered a voice from Pats’ wife Brittany Mahomes who raised an eyebrow at his decision as well,

“He can’t even walk what are we doing?” he thinks he’s about to play a damn game, has he lost his mind?” Brittany said.

Though the fans enjoyed the heated argument between Patrick and Reid, Brittany’s interference on the matter seemed disgusting to them. The decision was to be discussed between the two and Brittany was not a part of the squad, so it was unfair to involve her in the middle according to the fans.

The Chief’s starter previously collected much backlash due to his brother’s illegal and illicit act along with his wife’s non-approving work. Both of them are often held liable for the disruption of his reputation several times. Many viewers lost interest in watching the entire viral video when Brittany barged in.

However if just a small clip can cause this much hype. Just imagine what a blast the entire series could be.


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