Ahead of Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz clash, Eddie Hearn throws bold Prediction: “He gets stopped”

Jake Paul has once more taken over the boxing world by keeping the experts busy with their predictions and assessments. In regards to Jake’s forthcoming matchup with Nate Diaz, for example, Eddie Hearn made a daring prediction recently. 

The online sensation is getting ready for his homecoming fight with the veteran MMA fighter. On August 5 in the Dallas American Airlines Center, The Problem Child and Diaz are expected to square off.

Eddie Hearn’s bold prediction on Jake Paul 

Eddie and Ariel Helwani discussed the Jake Paul fight in a recent YouTube video on the Matchroom Boxing channel. Hearn was asked to predict the result of the fight in Dallas at one point in the conversation. 

The boxing promoter is skeptical about Nate because he has never competed as a boxer inside the ring. However, Diaz is hoping to make his boxing debut by defeating Jake, with whom he has a longstanding beef. 

“With Nate, no one knows. He could get completely smashed to pieces in a round, or he could be a great fighter. I hear he used to spar with Andre Ward and stuff like this. Hearn said. 

Following a defeat, the younger Paul brother is now absolutely focused on his forthcoming matchup with the MMA veteran to turn things around. Since Jake seems super motivated to make a comeback, the founder of Matchroom Sports is betting on him. 

“If you’re asking me, Jake Paul beats him comfortably. I really like Nate Diaz and I hope he wins – mainly so he doesn’t put me to sleep on the concrete! But I think he gets stopped.” Eddie added.

What is next for The Problem Child? 

Prior to facing Tommy Fury in February at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia, Paul had won six straight matches. But the YouTuber-turned-boxer was defeated by TNT in his last bout. As a result, Jake is willing to give his all and is working hard to blend in with the boxing community.

If Jake loses back-to-back fights, his pro boxing career might be put on pause. The YouTuber-turned-boxer has already said that if he loses to Diaz, he will return to making videos and stop taking part in combat sports. However, if he prevails, there is a possibility that he will face Tommy again or face his arch-rival KSI.

Which fighter do you predict will prevail when Nate Diaz and Jake Paul square off? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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