Jake Paul throws dig at UFC president Dana White amid speculated bout between Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones: ‘‘Try and steal away attention from Francis Ngannou’’

Dana White recently was in the media spotlight for wanting to host a match between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones under UFC. Youtube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul thinks the move was done in an attempt to overshadow the recent developments surrounding former UFC heavyweight kingpin Francis Ngannou.

Last month, the Cameroonian-French fighter made a historic deal with Professional Fighters League. The Problem Child thinks as The Predator grabbed the attention of the MMA world by signing up for PFL with historic terms, Dana is now making a silly attempt to steal the light away from Ngannou by talking about a Fury-Jones fight 

“Francis Ngannou is the baddest man on the planet. Dana confirmed that while he controlled Francis. Dana sits there talking about “I don’t do gimmick fights. That’s not what we do over here.” Then announces an arbitrary belt to try and steal away attention from Francis joining PFL and now desperate trying to book Tyson Fury to come into the cage. ” Jake tweeted. 

Feud between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones explained

In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan talked about a hypothetical matchup between Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury. The UFC announcer acknowledged that Jon didn’t stand much of a chance against the Briton. However, in an MMA match or a street fight, Fury didn’t really have answers for what Jones brings to the table.

Tyson took to social media to respond to Joe in an angry manner. Jon on the other hand came in defense of Rogan and basically started the feud. Dana took this very opportunity to propose a potential matchup between the combat sports giants.


Detail on the relationship between Francis Ngannou and Dana White

Francis and Dana have a long-running feud, which is known to pretty much everyone in the MMA scene. By bringing up The Predator, White occasionally ignites the flames of their blazing relationship.

Most recently, Ngannou responded when the UFC president said that the ‘Predator’ was afraid to face Jon Jones when the two were active in UFC. In response to Dana’s claims, The Predator reacted angrily stating he is in no way to be blamed for not fighting Bones.

During his time at UFC, the Cameroonian was making significantly less money compared to many of his peers. So when his contract expired, he wanted to renegotiate with not only more money but also more authority over how Ngannou operates as a fighter.

The UFC head honcho didn’t agree to these terms and Francis parted ways with his long-time home at the beginning of 2023. Since then Dana and ‘The Predator’ have been at odds with each other.

Do you think Dana White will ever be able to bring Tyson Fury into the UFC to fight Jon Jones? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section 

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