Jake Paul’s arch enemy KSI prefers bout vs Joe Fournier over Tyron Woodley saying “This guy has not won a fight since 2018”

Say what you will about Jake Paul, but it’s hard to deny his contributions to the ‘Celebrity Boxing’ culture. The likes of Logan Paul and KSI also rode this wave through too much lower levels of success. Logan has pretty much stepped away from boxing, but KSI is still going strong with his eyes on the next opponent.

The YouTuber spoke in a recent interview, “I think for me in May, it’s between Woodley and Joe Fournier. I’m looking at Woodley and I’m like, this guy has not won a fight since 2018. He’s been on a six-fight losing streak. Do I really need to fight this guy? Or should I fight someone like Joe Fournier, who is 9-0, fights boxers, none of this MMA stuff, he’s a pro boxer, he’s had an international belt at some point. He’s that guy. And then you’ve got Woodley.”

He doesn’t see much of a reason to fight the former UFC champ, “The only reason I would fight Woodley is to prove to everyone that I could knock him out faster than Jake could. So I’m just trying to weigh it up and see what makes more sense for me.”

Who should KSI fight next?

The YouTube boxing freakshow has reached a point where people are actually ready to fork out good cash for these fights. KSI already has a lot of fans owing to his online presence, so drawing a crowd isn’t that big of a challenge. But he needs to pick an opponent to bring something interesting to the ring.

Dillon Danis is a highly disliked figure in the combat sports industry. KSI isn’t much liked either, but he can gain a lot of credibility if he takes out Dillon. Tyron is too washed out to get considered a proper opponent now, but he can earn a good payday as these fights usually generate good revenue.

Who do you think KSI should fight next?


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