Conor Benn slams WBC over failed drugs test saga after being cleared of intentional doping

Conor Benn was accused of doping which could have posed serious threats to his career. It is hard to imagine what levels of mental pressure this has had on the boxer who could lose his livelihood. But now justice seems to have prevailed, and the accusation of intentional doping has been overturned.

The respective authority found no such evidence and added, “There were no failures in the procedures related to sample collection, sample analysis, or violations of Mr. Benn’s B Sample rights that would justify questioning or invalidating the Adverse Finding; and Mr. Benn’s documented and highly-elevated consumption of eggs during the times relevant to the sample collection, raised a reasonable explanation for the Adverse Finding.”

“My only frustration is the manner in which I’ve been cleared has seemed to create further questions and further fuel to baseless negative speculation. As such, having now had a chance to digest, I wanted to set out my position in full and explain in the simplest terms possibly why I am innocent,” the boxer said.

What are the greater implications of the Conor Benn situation?

Boxing has long been blasted by the likes of Dana White for its corruption. The Conor situation will only give more fire to such allegations. Falsely accusing someone of using a substance when they are innocent can have dangerous consequences on the careers of people.

If someone wants to fix a match for a bet, then they can try to manipulate players with their deceptive allegations. If some boxer refuses to comply with the illegal demands of a higher-up, then he too can get his livelihood destroyed. A recent example of such an action can be seen at the UFC, where Dan Hooker falsely accused Islam Makhachev of IV abuse.

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