Jake Shields reflects on ‘how America should deal with r*pist sc*m’ minutes after defending Conor McGregor r*pe debacle

Conor McGregor was in attendance last weekend for game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat at the Kaseya Center.  The former UFC champion sent the Miami Heat mascot Burnie to the hospital after landing a couple of shots in what was a planned skit.


However, his problems didn’t stop there as a woman accused him of sexual assault during the NBA Finals game. The woman’s lawyer Ariel Mitchell alleged that McGregor’s guards forced her client to go into a men’s bathroom. Mitchell also claimed that The Notorious sexually assaulted her in the restroom and revealed that she has video footage of the incident.

Jake Shields wants private allocation in r*pe cases

The news of Conor McGregor allegedly r*ping a woman became the headlines on the internet and people around the world started passing their judgments. Jake Shields who is a former UFC fighter shared his thoughts on the entire incident on Twitter. He retweeted Tristen Tate’s post and shared an idea of r*pe cases being privately allocated.

Conor McGregor has denied all the allegations and there have been many big names who have jumped in to support the Irishman. Jake Shields and Tristan Tate are a few household names who believe the Notorious is framed and want the case to be privately handled.

Jake Shields goes on the offensive sharing mob justice footage

Interestingly, Jake Shields backed Conor McGregor when a woman accused the former UFC champion of r*ping her. He also suggested that in cases like this, either the person accusing should come forward or things should be privately handled. However, the former UFC fighter has taken a quick backtrack from his original stance after he posted a video of a mob attacking a person for trying to r*pe a woman.

Shields praised the crowd for taking quick action and compared how the scenario would unfold if it took place in America. After Jake’s latest video, it seems confusing where he stands on how r*pe cases should be handled.

On one hand, he wants rape cases to be handled privately. This process has some merit considering the staggering number of false allegations floating around. One false case is enough to destroy a man’s life in many cases.

On the other hand, leaving justice in the hands of a mob is not usually a civilized course of action. It’s unfortunate how Jake brings up an important issue yet almost immediately contradicts himself.


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