Nuggets first NBA Finals win replicates unique NBA Finals history, exploring competition’s ‘Parity’

The 2023 season has witnessed an NBA finals without big names or big dynasties, but definitely with an array of strategic masterpieces and hard-earned talent. The long wait for an NBA title has finally come to a close for Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, as they clinched their maiden championship against opponents Miami Heat 94-89. 

Denver has rescripted the norms and made it the fifth year in a row that a new team has won the coveted NBA title. 

Parity established in modern-day NBA

It is true that variety spices games up, and this season has just been the epitome of variations. Every team has had something unique and special to offer, forcing all teams to prepare in multiple ways for multiple opponents. The champions Denver, for instance. decided to bring in Thomas Bryant and Reggie Jackson- a daring move that has probably defined their games this season.

Competition has been at an all-time high. given that even the most consistent Celtics have had a tough time playing against the Milwaukee Bucks or the Philadelphia 76ers. Teams have also been completely unpredictable. Memphis bet on its existing players and identity instead of roping in O.G. Anunoby as a shield against Durant, yielding positive results.

The Unique NBA Finals history made by Nuggets

Since 2019, the NBA has personified variety and diversity. For the first time after 1981, there have been five different winning teams in five consecutive years. 

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors had almost made winning look easy over the years. However, hegemony makes things fairly boring. The last five seasons of the NBA have been a breath of fresh air with every year bringing up a new winner. this has only been witnessed back in 1977-81, and has brought back memories in long-term NBA fans.

Although Heats had been leading in most of the first three quarters, Bruce Brown’s lead gave the Nuggets their much-required edge. The NBA final was a close contest, but Denver can call themselves champions at last. Nikola Jokic almost single-handedly brought the title home for his team by scoring 28 on 12-of-16 shooting.

Overall, there is no doubt that Denver Nuggets have written history for their team and for the NBA alike. Miami Heats put up an amazing game but were not nearly as good as the winners. The NBA has once again proven that it values originality above heroism and fans cannot disagree. 2023 has been a season of shockers, delights, and great basketball. 

Let us know your thoughts on the 2023 NBA season and the historic victory of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. Can they continue their success and establish themselves as a dominant force in the league in the coming seasons?



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