Jason Kidd speaks up on Mavs’ elimination from NBA playoff ending Luka Doncic’s season sees fiery “freaking ridiculous” fans remark

The Dallas Mavericks head coach, Jason Kidd, recently addressed the team’s exit from the NBA playoffs and the conclusion of Luka Doncic’s season, sparking criticism from the team’s supporters of the management’s choice.

It has been a complete disaster and a disappointing end to what had been a promising season for the Dallas team, going from being a Top 6 team in the West to getting eliminated even from Play-In contention.

To qualify for the play-in round, the Mavericks needed victories over the Bulls on Friday and the Spurs on Sunday, as well as a loss for the Oklahoma City Thunder against Memphis. Prior to the team’s elimination from the playoffs, concerns were raised as Luka Doncic was only allowed to play the first quarter while Kyrie Irving and four other regulars were benched.

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What did Jason Kidd state regarding their loss and Doncics’ season ending?

Doncic wouldn’t participate in Sunday’s championship game against the San Antonio Spurs, the head coach, Jason Kidd stated before the game.

Since it was going to be the 24-year-old superstar’s final game of the season, the decision of the team left the fans very disappointed. The 50-year-old, pointing to the owner Mark Cuban and general manager Nico Harrison, said the choice was an “organizational decision.”

The coach, in addition, argued that the team is capable and getting ready for the summer while pointing out that the defeat will help them in future contests.

“Being eliminated is not something where we want to be. And we’ve got some work to do this summer. But understanding things happen, we’ve got to learn from this and we’ll get better,” JK stated.

The decision of the management and statement of Jason seems hilarious to the fan and they left no stone unturned to criticize them on social media. one of them remarked it was “Freaking Ridiculous”.

With a league-leading average of 32.7 points per game, 8.7 rebounds, and 8.1 assists, the point guard selection has had another outstanding season. Therefore, the fans’ outrage over not giving him enough chance is justified.



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