Tank’s arrogance is going to cost him”: Fans go wild after Gervonta Davis speculates bold outcome against Ryan Garcia

In the lead-up to their highly anticipated fight on April 22nd, Gervonta Davis, known as ‘Tank’, didn’t hold back in making a bold statement about his opponent Ryan Garcia and his fate. “Fully sixty percent of the fight will take place inside T-Mobile Arena,” the Baltimore native predicted confidently.

Davis did not stop there, as he went on to say that he would knock out Garcia after the sixth round, thereby defeating Garcia for the first time in his professional career. This prediction puts him at odds with Oscar De La Hoya, who believes that Garcia, nicknamed ‘KingRy’, will be the one to knock out Davis. The boxing world was abuzz with reactions to Davis’ statement, with fans expressing mixed opinions.

Ryan Garcia

Hubris vs. Confidence: Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia – Twitter Erupts as ‘Tank’ Makes Bold Prediction

Michael Benson shared Davis’ statement on Twitter, where ‘Tank’ also mentioned that he will “get to the point in this fight” and prove that Garcia is not the fighter he claims to be. While some fans showed faith in Davis’ confidence, others criticized him for being “arrogant” and displaying hubris.

One user went as far as to say that “Tank’s arrogance is going to cost him,” predicting that Garcia will knock out Davis within four rounds. Similarly, @sk1_sk166233209 commented, “Imagine being so arrogant.” However, there were also supporters of Davis’ prediction, with user @StuartMurdoch17 expressing agreement and @blavkcat simply stating, “I believe him.”


At the press conference in Los Angeles, Garcia spoke about taking Davis to “deep waters” and drowning him, while showcasing his confidence in his left hook. However, Davis didn’t hesitate to remind Garcia of his technical deficiencies.

Rumble Royale: The Davis vs. Garcia Showdown and the Battle for Boxing Supremacy

To summarize, as the countdown to the Davis vs. Garcia fight continues, the tension and excitement among boxing fans are palpable. Davis’ bold prediction and Garcia’s confidence have set the stage for an epic showdown inside the ring. With Davis’ unwavering belief in his own abilities and Garcia’s determination to prove himself, the clash between these two warriors is expected to be nothing short of a pugilistic spectacle.

As the fighters prepare to step into the ring on April 22nd, boxing enthusiasts eagerly await to see if ‘Tank’ can back up his brash talk with his fists or if Garcia’s left hook will prove to be the decisive factor. With fans divided in their opinions, the anticipation and speculation continue to build, adding to the drama and excitement of this highly anticipated bout.


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