Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown played “sloppily” Stephen A Smith Drops Brutal verdict on Celtics Game 3 loss against Miami Heat

Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown of the The Boston Celtics Game 3 performance was a rollercoaster in the worst way possible. Celtics after going down big in the first half against the Heat, they fought back later in the second half. But when the Celtics needed even more their stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown struggled most to score and they misfired, resulting their team a 109-103 defeat.

ESPN’s commentator and NBA expert Stephen A smith opined that the two player’s performance is the sole reason for the Celtics defeat against Miami Heat terming their performance “sloppy”

Stephen accuses Jaylen saying:

“This is the worst 40 point performances you’ll ever see from a player because Jaylen Brown did have 40, but the 3rd quarter alone he committed 5 turnovers and every single turnover he made squelched a run that was potentially being made by the Boston Celtics”

Stephen also takes a hand of Jason Tatum and curses both the players combined for losing such a match, where Heats star forward Jimmy Butler was absent in the second half of the game for injury. Stephen states:

“Jason Tatum fished shooting 3 of 14 for the game, him and Jaylen Brown, the two stars combined for 13 turnovers.” “You can’t beat that Miami team playing that sloppily” He added.

Both Tatum and Brown sounded apologized after the abusive loss. Brown was up first to speak in front though he had better performance in terms of scoring. Tatum, on the other hand, had a far worse game than Brown couldn’t been able to muster up anything for the team. He scored just 10 points on terrible efficiency, added with a injury which seemed scary but later become fine.

After the game, Tatum called that performance “unacceptable”. Brown also admitted that he played bad himself, and said it would never happen again.

“I did a s**t job taking care of the basketball tonight. I don’t make excuses. I gotta do better.”

Watch Stephen A Smith’s verdict analyzing the performance:



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