Jayson Tatum avoids punishment despite physical altercation with referee during Celtics Game 2 win vs Sixers

In Game 2 of the Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers matchup, Jayson Tatum was caught on camera pushing a referee who was trying to get a hold of him. While this kind of behavior from a player would usually result in a technical foul, Tatum was left unpunished and the game continued as normal. This incident has caused controversy among NBA fans, with many questioning why Tatum seems to be treated differently than other players.

Some have taken to social media to voice their concerns, with one Twitter user asking, “Did Jayson Tatum just push a referee and there’s no tech? WTF?” Another user commented, “Only Jayson Tatum can push a referee and nothing happen.”   

The incident has also been compared to a similar situation during the Celtics’ first-round series with the Atlanta Hawks, where Tatum pushed an official during a game and was left unpunished, while Dejounte Murray was suspended for a game after purposely bumping a referee.

While some argue that the situations are different, with Murray showing clear frustration towards the referee, it is still worth questioning why Tatum is seemingly able to get away with physically altering game officials. In a league where referees are quick to issue technical fouls for even the simplest of reasons, it is surprising that Tatum was not punished for his actions.

It is important for players to remember that respect towards referees is a fundamental part of the game. Without their decisions, the game would not be able to function properly. While emotions can run high in high-stakes games, players must control their behavior and avoid physical altercations with officials.

In conclusion, Jayson Tatum’s physical altercation with a referee during the Celtics’ Game 2 win against the Sixers has caused controversy among NBA fans. While Tatum was left unpunished, many are questioning why he seems to be treated differently than other players.

It is important for players to remember to show respect towards referees and avoid physical altercations, as they are a fundamental part of the game.

Jayson Tatum led Celtics Deliver Three-Point Masterclass to Level Series Against 76ers

The Boston Celtics put on an offensive showcase with an exhibition of three-point shooting to crush the Philadelphia 76ers 121-87 and level their Eastern Conference playoff series on Wednesday. The second-seeded Celtics had a clinical offensive display led by Jaylen Brown, who scored 25 points, while Malcolm Brogdon contributed 23 points off the bench, including six three-pointers. Boston bounced back from Monday’s game-one loss at the TD Garden.


Despite the mostly successful return of newly crowned NBA Most Valuable Player Joel Embiid, who had been absent for nearly two weeks due to injury, the Sixers were outplayed by the Celtics. Embiid, who made his presence felt with 15 points and five blocks, was clearly not at full fitness and was removed from the game in the third quarter as Boston surged to a commanding lead.

Boston’s display was a mix of defensive ruggedness and free-scoring offense, with no less than eight players contributing to their tally of 20 three-pointers from 51 attempts. In contrast, Philadelphia made only six of 30 from beyond the arc, and James Harden had a futile shooting night, missing all six of his attempted three-pointers, and finishing with just 12 points from 2-of-14 shooting. The series is now level at 1-1 as the teams head to Philadelphia for game three on Friday.


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