Joel Embiid, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey end Bucks 16-game winning run despite Giannis Antetokounmpo show

The Milwaukee Bucks are in a destructive form this season, wreaking havoc game after game, leaving the opponent lying in the dust. Nobody thought on January 21; the Bucks would bounce back in such a mood after losing to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since then, the Bucks cruised their way to the top of the Eastern Conference- they won 16 games, and nine of them occurred at the Fiserv Forum. This is the third-longest winning streak for the Bucks in their NBA history.

Previously, they had a 20-game winning streak in 1970-71, propelled by the GOAT Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Moreover, the recent one is in 2019-20, an 18-game winning run which was a brilliant output of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s majestic performance.

With grieving disappointment, the Milwaukee Bucks and their fiery form ended last night against the Philadelphia 76ers in the same home venue where they lost for the last time.

What happened to Milwaukee Bucks at Fiserv Forum last night?

Last night’s game between the Bucks and the 76ers produced another expected nail-biting, twisting ending. The Bucks kept a 14-point lead after the third quarter thanks to Giannis; however, their temporary relief soon turned into a nightmare when the sixer started dunking baskets like a maniac.

In the final quarter, the visiting team scored 48 points due to a James HardenJoel Embiid-Tyrese Maxey scoring frenzy and was able to keep their narrow three-point difference to clinch the long-contested victory.

Philadelphia 76ers

The veteran guard Harden scored the highest 38 points with 9 rebounds and 10 assists in his 39 minutes of play. Alongside him, another Sixers star, Embiid, raked 31 points with 6 rebounds and 10 assists. This duo’s ferocious attack bamboozled the Bucks’ defence throughout the game.

One of the key performances came from power forward Georges Niang last night- the 29-year-old wreaked literal havoc in the fourth quarter, coming off the bench scoring four three-pointers and contributing 16 points in 28 minutes.

Another young guard Maxey scored 26 points and three rebounds to keep the visiting team in the play. In the midst of the 76ers storm, the Bucks superstar Antetokounmpo fought like a lone warrior at the Fiserv Forum.

Giannis Antetokounmpo-the Bucks warrior

The 28-year-old power forward scored 34 points for the Bucks with the highest 13 rebounds and four assists in 35 minutes. However, the Greek Freak’s all-effort couldn’t save themselves last night as the defence let them down in the final quarter.

Point guard Jrue Holiday scored 26 points with 4 rebounds and 13 assists to support his partner as long as possible, playing 36 minutes before going to the bench in the crucial fourth quarter.

It’s a total team performance displayed from both sides of the court last night at the Fiserv Forum. However, there can be only one winner, and the Sixers got the last laugh after rolling the stone of a game.

The Bucks are still at the top of the table with a 45-18 record, and the 76ers are creeping up to the top three with a 41-22 record. There are still lots of games at the hand of both teams; thus, there’s no guarantee how the regular season will end for them.

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