Jorge Masvidal causes chaos in Miami street before defeat vs Gilbert Burns at UFC 287

Jorge Masvidal’s return to Miami-Dade Arena did not go according to plan. However, fans greeted him with warmth when he arrived in Miami for the fight. Masvidal must have been ruing the fact that he could not return the love he got.

The Miami homeboy could not defeat Gilbert Burns on his return to the octagon. His hometown raved and cheered for him. However, all went in vain as he failed to outclass Burns.

Masvidal was making rounds in the media for his activities off the octagon though. He engaged in an ugly public altercation with Kevin Holland in the lobby, prior to this fight. The two even got into a public brawl in the streets of Miami.

Jorge Masvidal was swarmed with fans in the Miami streets

Despite all that, Miami greeted him with utmost warmth. The fans gathered around his card when he made his way through the Miami streets. He is a highly revered fighter in Miami, without any speck of doubt. Then again, this incident speaks volumes about his gargantuan popularity among Miami residents.

While fans drooled over him on his return, some were visibly disturbed. The crowd caused a traffic jam. In the broad daylight, people hardly would have expected something like this to happen. And it seemed like Masvidal put a dent in some plans just by appearing in Miami.

‘Gamebred’ is one of the biggest names in Miami, and there are reasons behind that. His five seconds knockout victory against Ben Askren is still the fastest victory in UFC history. That monumental win is still etched in the memory of fans. Moreover, he rose from the streets.

Miami streets remember him as one of their own. He used to partake in street fight competitions. Masvidal even shared the center stage in the street brawls with the cult hero the late Kimbo Slice. His name was so widespread in the corners of Miami that people even gave him a moniker. ‘The Street Jesus’, to this day, is still one of Miami’s own.

Despite his loss against Burns, he will still remain one of the most popular names in Miami. And the fans vividly showed their love to their homeboy before the fight. It is sad that Jorge Masvidal could not return the love, which he would have liked as well. However, he will undoubtedly remain one of the most entertaining fighters to hail from Miami, if not one of the greats.


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