Jorge Masvidal explains why the UFC wants him to take Logan fight over Jake Paul: “Jake don’t sell like Logan”

Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul have been engaged in an ongoing online exchange since 2021. They had previously been scheduled to compete in the Octagon or boxing ring. Unfortunately, Masvidal has made it clear that this highly anticipated fight will never come to fruition.

Masvidal recently provided an explanation for his decision not to engage in a fight with Jake Paul. At a recent press conference held in New York City, he made it clear once again that he has no intention of stepping into the ring with ‘The Problem Child.’ On the contrary, ‘Gamebred’ expressed his interest in stepping into the ring with Logan Paul and made it clear that he believes the younger Paul brother is not as popular as his sibling.

“Not with Jake Paul, 100% more likely with Logan Paul. Jake doesn’t sell like Logan. The UFC allowed me to do some boxing matches, but Jake had said some unpleasant things about Dana White and also about the UFC. So the UFC said, “F**k you, we’re not going to let you go get money with someone who is not the biggest draw.” I can fight Logan Paul, but Jake Paul is an a**,” Jorge Masvidal said.

During a promotional press conference for his upcoming boxing match with Nate Diaz in Las Vegas, Masvidal and Diaz expressed their strong disapproval of Jake Paul. In a social media post, ‘The Problem Child’ made a bold statement, stating that he had proposed a $10 million challenge for either of them to step into the MMA ring with him in the PFL. But they were both hesitant to accept the challenge.

Regardless of whether Jorge Masvidal ends up fighting Jake Paul or not, it’s clear that he’s eager to step into the ring with someone who has already defeated ‘The Problem Child’ in a boxing match.

Jorge Masvidal interested in possible Tommy Fury bout

Jorge Masvidal boasts an impressive track record within the confines of the cage, and he is now seeking to revel in the realm of boxing. The experienced UFC fighter is set to go head-to-head with Nate Diaz in an upcoming summer bout. This highly anticipated fight will adhere to boxing rules, and a win could potentially pave the way for even more high-profile matchups in the future.

One of those fights is against Tommy Fury, and the boxer is filled with confidence that a match against the younger brother of WBC champion Tyson Fury would be an incredible spectacle.

According to DAZN, “Tommy Fury interests me. We can go to England and sell out some arenas over there. He has some matches, and he has a win over Jake [Paul],” said Masvidal.

Unfortunately, Tommy Fury is currently dealing with an injury. In addition, he has discussed the possibility of facing KSI, Jake Paul’s rival, if the planned bout with Tommy Fury falls through.

Regardless of whether Jorge Masvidal ends up fighting Tommy Fury or not, he certainly has a plethora of high-profile matches to consider.

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