Joshua Van aiming for the most active UFC fighter record

Joshua Van, a 21-year-old fighter with seven fights under his belt, is aiming for the most active UFC fighter record.

‘The Fearless,’ with a record of 6-1, has one of the finest records as a young star in the MMA world, and fight fans have already accepted him as a future prospect. 

Chase Hooper, Raul Rosas Jr., and many others like him(Van) began training at a young age and made their impact long before they were legally allowed to drink or vote. 

Joshua Van may be “behind” those two, but Van’s whole career of seven professional and four amateur fights has occurred in the course of barely two years.

If the 21-year-old flyweight had begun his career alongside the UFC’s young stars, he believes: he would have been a mainstay of the UFC roster by now.

Van isn’t just a guy who likes to fight and get a nice paycheck once a month rather, he is dedicated to his training and his profession. He believes that each bout he takes makes him a major prospect in the flyweight division. 

“I’ll definitely slow down later,” Van said. “The main goal is getting to the UFC, and to get to the UFC you’ve got to fight whenever they call you. I’m just staying ready. It’s not that I want to fight less when I’m in the UFC. Just the most fights you can get in the UFC is like six or seven. Eventually, I think I’ll have to slow down but if they can get me a fight every f*****g month in the UFC I’m going to fight every f*****g month.”

On the feet, Van combines force, aggression, toughness, and fluidity. He’ll use his fists and powerful kicks to the body and legs, as well as some knees. The Fearless also loves to deliver some flair with spinning kicks to the body and head. Nothing is overdone, as everything he throws appears to be planned.

One of the things he does so well is cut off the cage and stay in the opponent’s face. He’s aggressive but not overly so, and he still picks his shots. 

The goal of Joshua Van isn’t just to one day but every year to fight in the UFC as he tries to be the most active fighter in the company. As one of the best up-and-coming flyweight fighters, it’s not crazy to think that he might not be too far away.


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