Kalabrya Gondrezick lashes out at Kevin Porter Jr for sister’s attempted murder while pressure grows for NBA to Suspend Rockets star

The Kevin Porter Jr controversy is getting more heated every day. The NBA star is currently put on administrative leave and is not playing. Porter was arrested on the charges of felony, assault and strangulation. His girlfriend is the victim of these crimes and is also the one to press charges against him.

The NBA career of the 23-year-old Houston Rockets star is in the ruins for now. The Rockets are desperately looking for a way to trade him since his arrest. The legal case against KJP is already going on while the NBA is also conducting an investigation of their own. Amid all this, the sister of his girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick, recently fired shots against the Rockets guard on her social media demanding justice for her sister.

Kalabrya Gondrezick torches Kevin Porter Jr for sister’s attempted murder

Kalabrya Gondrezick, the sister of Kevin Porter Jr’s girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick, posted flaming comments on her Instagram story against the NBA star. Kalabrya seemed very angry at KJP regarding the entire fiasco. She wrote some really insulting remarks directed at Kevin Porter Jr and his mother.

She reaffirmed that she is standing on what she had said earlier about the case and that she will not protect anyone who beats a woman. She emphasized that the acts KJP committed against her sister was no less than an attempted murder and that her sister could have been dead.

As the legal case has not reached it’s conclusion and Porter has pleaded not guilty, so it’s hard to tell the actual story here. Kysre accused Kevin Porter Jr of choking her and beating her, she even reported to have a fractured Vertebrae because of the assault. The display of anger by Kalabrya is justified given the brutally injured state of her sister Kysre when she was hospitalized.

Houston domestic abuse group urges NBA to ban Kevin Porter Jr for assault

A Houston based domestic abuse victim group is asking NBA to take strict actions against the accused player. The Rockets are trying everything to trade him off and remove ties from the player. They are even ready to give out draft incentives if a team agrees to the trade. The domestic abuse victim group is aiming for a harsher treatment while also calling out the league’s inability to deal with these types of issues.

The President of the Houston Area Womens Center, Emilee Whitehurst said in a statement to TMZ, “At what point do leagues say it has gone too far? Surely it should have happened before now. We challenge the NBA and similar professional leagues to strengthen their domestic violence policy and to hold offenders accountable.”

The case is gaining more public attention every day and the pressure on the administration of the league is increasing to issue a ban of Porter. It is yet to be seen how the NBA’s administration will deal with the whole fiasco and if they will punish Porter. The guard is due around $15.6 million this year from his 4-year deal and would get a large amount even if the Houston Rockets decide to waive him off.

What do you think of Kalabrya’s reaction? What action do you think the NBA will take against Kevin Porter Jr? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them in the comments section and share with us.

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