Kevin Durant injury update: Nets’ star to have MRI performed for knee injury after collision with Jimmy Butler during game vs Heat

It seems injury doesn’t want to leave the Brooklyn Nets alone this season after last night’s game against the Miami Heat, as the team is having a consistent injury problem with some key players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

The Nets won the game in a thrilling, decisive last quarter, 102-101. Both teams played tooth and nail in the whole game, but the nets got the last laugh at FTX Arena. However, they fell behind in the third quarter, which may result in Durant’s leaving at the end.

What happened to Kevin Durant?

The 34-year-old forward sustained an injury at the end of the third quarter. The Heat’s forward Jimmy Butler attempted a basket by jumping, but the shot was blocked by Nets guard Ben Simmons. As a result, Jimmy seemed to lose his balance and collide with KD’s right knee.

At that moment, it didn’t appear to be a serious problem for the two-time NBA champion, but he felt uncomfortable for the rest of that quarter. At the timeout, Durant went straight into the locker room and didn’t come back to the court for the game. the nets went scoring 29 decisive clutch moment points and won the game in a dramatic way.

The 6.10-footer has to undergo an MRI for the diagnosis. The fans and his team must be hoping for a positive result by tomorrow.

What is the history of Kevin Durant’s knee injury?

As the player frequently goes out for this, the former NBA MVP has troubling knee issues. One year ago, he injured his MCL in his left knee and was out for 1.5 months. He had previously suffered MCL and tibial bone injuries during his career.

What did Kevin Durant’s teammates say regarding the injury problem?

Kyrie Irving, another injury-prone player, expressed his feelings, saying, “I was right there. Those plays are scary. Because when someone’s not looking at what’s going on, anything can happen in those moments, so I’m grateful that all that time he’s put in the weight room, putting his body in a great position, his body was able to save him from something worse.”

“He’s in good spirits as we all are,” Irving said confidently about his teammates’ return. “The strength of our team is us picking each other up. Just being ready for whatever’s thrown at us.”

“He is a focal point for us offensively, but even defensively he’s been an elite rim protector this year,” Nets guard Joe Harris illuminated the 12-time NBA all-stars impact. “He guards the best players. Obviously, it would be a massive blow for us”

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Nets center Nic Claxton urged his teammates to take responsibility during KD’s absence: “I think everybody just will have to step up. This is not the first time that he’s been out or Ky has been out. Everybody will just have to step up a little bit, and we’ll be all right. We hope he’s available for the next game, but whatever happens, we’ll adjust and we’ll be all right.”

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The Nets are in second place in the Eastern Conference with one loss in their last 10 games. If Kevin were to miss several matches again, the nets may suffer horribly. The last time Kevin Durant was out for over a month, the Brooklyn Nets witnessed an 11-game losing streak.

What do you think about Kevin Durant’s injury this time? Will he go away again for a couple of weeks? You can tell us in the comments section.

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