Kyrie Irving wants LeBron James at Mavericks to form Big 3 along with Luka Doncic

The possibility of a reunion between former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates Kyrie Irving and LeBron James has shocked the NBA. According to reports, Irving is interested in bringing James to the Dallas Mavericks to form a powerful Big 3 with Luka Doncic.

With both Irving and James expressing interest in reuniting, the Mavericks could be a tempting destination for the four-time MVP. Fans are eager to see how this prospective collaboration would impact the league and improve the Mavericks’ championship hopes.

Irving wants former Cavalier partnership with LeBron James

The potential of a reunion between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James is getting traction, according to insiders, who say Irving wants the Dallas Mavericks to look into dealing for Akron Hammer this offseason. The goal is to develop a strong relationship between the former Cavaliers teammates and rising star Luka Doncic.

Both players have expressed an interest in playing together again, indicating a desire for a reunion. When the Lakers were struggling last season, the Mavericks allegedly pondered making an offer for James. However, according to the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, establishing a Big 3 with Irving, James, and Doncic would be difficult, as large financial modifications would be required.

While signing King to the Mavericks’ roster is not easy, the possibility remains interesting. King has a close relationship with Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd and assistant coach Jadley, which adds to the speculation. Furthermore, Irving’s approaching free agency creates an opportunity for the Mavericks to sign him.

As the NBA’s free agency period approaches, speculation about a possible collaboration between Irving and James intensifies. Both players remembered their prior championship victories and expressed sadness for their abrupt breakup in 2017. A reunion would not only bring their abilities together, but it would also give them the chance to complete unfinished business from their Cavaliers days.

King James open to joining Mavericks following Lakers exit hints

According to recent rumours, LeBron James has indicated interest in joining the Dallas Mavericks after leaving the Los Angeles Lakers. The prospect of collaborating with rising star Luka Doncic and former teammate Kyrie Irving has piqued the interest of NBA fans.

James has previously expressed love for Doncic’s game, and their mutual admiration might serve as a solid foundation for a possible collaboration. Furthermore, the Mavericks have emerged as a team with the financial clout to pursue Akron Hammer, making them an appealing destination for the four-time MVP.

While the economics of such a deal are complicated, including salary considerations and potential trades, the prospect of James wearing a Mavericks jersey has piqued fans’ interest. The Mavericks’ front management is expected to look into all possibilities in order to build a championship-caliber squad around Doncic, and Akron Hammer would surely be a huge addition to their roster.

As the offseason progresses, the potential of James teaming forces with the Mavericks generates interest and discussion. Fans are eagerly awaiting further events and announcements that may impact the NBA landscape for the upcoming season.


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