Lakers LeBron James’ “thick as hell” photo sends NBA community into frenzy

LeBron James is no stranger to making headlines. But a recent photo of the Lakers star has caused quite a stir in the NBA community. In the photo, James appears to have put on some noticeable muscle mass. It lead many fans to dub him “thick as hell.” While James is known for his impressive athleticism and physique, this latest development has fans and analysts alike speculating about what it could mean for the upcoming season.

On Sunday, during the Lakers’ 111-108 triumphs over the Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James suffered a right foot injury toward the end of the third quarter. Following an awkward landing while missing a layup, James reportedly heard a popping sound in his right ankle. Despite the injury, James toughed it out and played through the pain. He contributed to the Lakers’ remarkable 27-point comeback win. It was the largest of the NBA season. 

LeBron inicia su año 20 en la NBA a punto de ser el máximo anotador de la  historia
LeBron James

Unfortunately, the injury has since prevented James from participating in subsequent games. In an encouraging development, a Twitter account recently shared a picture of James diligently. The picture showed James working out, showcasing his dedication to getting back on the court. 


How are fans reacting to the pictures of LeBron James?

Fans are absolutely in awe of the recent pictures of LeBron James, showcasing his incredible physique and impressive physical fitness.

From his bulging biceps to his powerful legs and broad shoulders, James is a true physical specimen. Fans can’t help but marvel at his incredible build. Many are hailing James as a prime example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and a relentless commitment to physical fitness.

Here are some of the interesting reactions from the fans:

One fan wrote, “Lmfao thick as hell”.

Another fan wrote, “Ayo Bron double cheeked up, i wasn’t familiar”. 

One fan called him, “LeBatty”. 

The craziness for LeBron even extended when a fan stated him as a GOAT of NBA.  

With his incredible athleticism and unmatched work ethic, The 38 years old veteran, LeBron James continues to inspire fans around the world, proving that anything is possible with determination and drive. However, the picture wasn’t posted by LeBron James himself rather by a parody account. 

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