Lakers pay tribute to eternalize Kobe Bryant with a 19-foot bronze statue outside Staples Center

In a gesture of kindness and generosity, the Los Angeles Lakers announced plans to honor the legacy of basketball legend Kobe Bryant by unveiling a massive 19-foot-tall bronze statue outside the iconic Staples Center—an eagerly anticipated moment in the NBA world.

This tribute is a testament to Kobe’s impact on the Lakers, the game of basketball, and the city of Los Angeles.

Lakers unveil Kobe Bryant statue outside Staples Center

The Los Angeles Lakers paid tribute to the memory of beloved basketball player Kobe Bryant by unveiling a magnificent statue outside the hallowed grounds of Staples Center. Standing tall and proud, this bronze monument is a timeless tribute to Kobe’s profound impact on the game of basketball. With this enduring symbol, the Lakers ensure that Kobe’s memory and inspiration will live on forever in the heart of Los Angeles and the souls of basketball fans around the world.

The opening was a grand event where thousands of people gathered to witness the historic moment. As the curtain was lifted to reveal the beautiful statue bathed in golden sunlight, a wave of emotion passed through the crowd. Speakers delivered heartfelt tributes to Kobe at the ceremony.

It’s an incredible reminder of the man behind the legend whose impact went far beyond the basketball court. After the opening, fans had the opportunity to leave flowers, shirts and letters on the statue’s pedestal. For many, now is the time to thank Bryant for the many memories and inspirational moments he provided throughout his career.

Statue embodies Kobe’s legacy of excellence and commitment

This bronze statue was carefully designed to reflect the essence of Kobe’s greatness. The statue stands tall on the grounds of Staples Center and is a powerful reminder of Kobe’s accomplishments and deep connection with Lakers fans.

For Lakers fans, this statue represents more than a monument. It embodies the many memories Kobe brought to the field—symbolic of moments of triumph and inspiration. It is a place where fans can gather to honor his memory. His teammate and fellow hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal also had a heartfelt reaction.

Shaq on Kobe

By unveiling this statue, the Lakers not only paid tribute to basketball, but also confirmed their commitment to preserving his memory for future generations. As time passes, this statue will serve as a monument to Kobe’s accomplishments and keep his legacy alive and well in the hearts of fans.

Following its unveiling, the statue became a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations of athletes and fans. Even though Kobe is no longer with us, his legacy will live on forever, immortalized in bronze outside the arena he called home.


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