Keegan-Michael Key roasts Bill Belichick with hilarious Taylor Swift joke

Recently, the inclusion of Taylor Swift jokes in NFL events has become very common. After Swift started dating the Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, she has become a huge part of the NFL, but no one knew she could compete Bill Belichick.

At the recent NFL Honors Award show, host Keegan-Michael Key, a renowned comedian and actor, integrated Taylor Swift’s joke into his opening monologue to taunt Bill Belichick. 

Comedian trolls Bill Belichick with Taylor Swift joke

Keegan-Michael Key began his monologue by incorporating jokes about various aspects of the NFL. Key started by making fun of the Carolina Panthers, humorously suggesting that Taylor Swift being in Tokyo was the only thing farther from the Super Bowl than the Panthers.

“Taylor Swift is in Tokyo right now. The only thing farther from the Super Bowl is the Carolina Panthers,” Key joked.

He then shifted to a joke about former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

“Who would’ve thought we’d see a season where Taylor Swift went to more playoff games than Bill Belichick?” 

The joke implied that Swift attended more playoff games than Belichick, eliciting laughter from the audience. Bill Belichick had the worst season record (4-13) this year as his team couldn’t even qualify for the playoffs.

On the flip side, Taylor Swift attended all the playoffs games to support her boyfriend’s team Kansas City Chiefs who are now going to play in the Super Bowl.

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The cameras then moved towards the Patriots owner Robert Kraft who seemed a little disturbed but amused by the joke. As a diehard Detroit Lions fan, Key then gave a shout-out to his team. 

“The last time the Lions were this good was 1991 and back then, Eminem was still a candy, I still had hair, and Jerry Jones was a spry 81 years old.”

Keegan-Michael Key’s monologue at the NFL event included a mix of playful jabs at various figures in the league, with the Taylor Swift joke aimed at Bill Belichick standing out as a highlight of the routine.

Belichick’s future in NFL

Bill Belichick was once considered the best coach in the league but is now without a job. He spent 24 years with the New England Patriots but because of the recent decline in the team’s performance, the owner and director of the team decided to hire a new coach.

After bidding farewell to the Patriots, the coach tried securing a job for the 2024 season but wasn’t successful. He was interviewed for the Atlanta Falcons twice, but all his struggles were in vain. Even multiple other NFL teams who hired a new coach this year didn’t consider Belichick. 

The former HC will now have to wait until the first round of firings in the 2024 season before potentially returning to coaching. The NFL legend Tom Brady expressed surprise that the best coach in the league has no job.

“I mean, I’m surprised that the greatest coach ever doesn’t have a job, absolutely. But I’m surprised (by) a lot of things in the NFL.”

Bill Belichick
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He compared it to his own experiences as a free agent, noting the lack of interest he initially received was the same as the former HC.

“When I was a free agent, there (were) a lot of teams that didn’t want me (before eventually signing for the Bucs.”

The former QB then made history and retired from the NFL as a seven-time Super Bowl champion. However, things are different for Bill Belichick. He has yet to find a new team to coach and regain his status as one of the best coaches in the NFL.

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