“Lamborghini to a Ferrari”: Carson Palmer addresses controversial comments on Joe Burrow vs Patrick Mahomes Comparison

Former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer previously established himself as a Joe Burrow fan, and while comparing himself with another star, Patrick Mahomes, he preferred the Bengals youngster.

Joe indeed is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but compared to Patrick, he is still a kid who played only three years in the top flight of the American football leagues. but everyone is entitled to their opinions. There are two different fan bases for the two stars of the NFL.

Additionally, Carson recently went on to compare arguably the two best quarterbacks in the league and delivered one of the most suitable analogies.

 Carson Palmer
Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow

What did Carson Palmer say?

The 43-year-old has recently appeared on ‘The Rich Eisen Show,” and the topic of Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow came up once again. As a former Cincinnati Bengals player, he, as usual, favored the Bengals star but didn’t leave out the Super Bowl champion either.

“He went on and won the Super Bowl with one leg. Yeah. Okay. So you made me eat my words. Hats off,” the three-time pro bowler said. “But at the end of the day, I was comparing a Lamborghini to a Ferrari.”

“If you say anything other than Patrick Mahomes is the greatest player in the history of players, you get roasted for it, and I got roasted,” the one-time passing touchdown leader added. “Deservedly so. Like I said, he won a Super Bowl with one foot.”

Unlike most of the fans, Palmer went through a sensible, logical explanation of his choice and successfully defended it while providing justifying praise for Mahomes. He could deliver some bizarre logic or reference, but the analogy couldn’t be more perfect in the context of their recent performance.

Do you agree with Carson Palmer? Who’s your favorite player? Let us know your choice in the comments.

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