Arnold Allen aims Brian Ortega next after heartbreaking loss to Max Holloway to earn title shot: “That’s the guy to put me right back in there”

The remarkable streak of victories for Arnold Allen at the Ultimate Fighting Championship came to an end when he lost to Max Holloway. The British boxer has already set Brian Ortega as his opponent for his next match in an effort to resume his winning ways rather than slowing down just yet.

The Briton lost to the American in a thrilling fight at last week’s Fight Night, which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Kansas City. Blessed overcame Allen by majority decision after five rounds of highly competitive mixed martial arts inside the octagon (49-46, 49-46, 48-47).

Why does Arnold Allen believe that Brian Ortega would be a good opponent for his upcoming fight? 

Arnold’s ten-fight winning streak came to an end with a loss against Blessed, therefore the featherweight prospect is now shooting for the stars. Allen has put the loss behind him and is only thinking about his upcoming battle. The 29-year-old fighter provided information in an interview with Sky Sports about his future objectives and Ortega as his potential next opponent. 

“That’s probably the matchup that makes the most sense. We’re looking for redemption. He’s had his title shot. I’m still trying to earn mine. That’s the guy to put me right back in there. A win there, 100 percent we’ll be back in that title talk.” Arnold said. 

The British boxer, despite his most recent loss, is certainly a tough opponent for anyone right now in the featherweight division. The same thing can be said of Ortega (15-3 MMA, 7-3 UFC), who lost to Yair Rodriguez in his last fight despite giving it his all. The two warriors fighting each other now only makes perfect sense because they are both seeking atonement.  

“He’s fantastic. He’s a great competitor. He has out-struck some great strikers, as well, so he’s not just the one-trick pony. So, he’s looking to rebound and earn himself a title shot again. I’m looking to rebound. It would be a great fight. I think that’s a headliner for sure.” Allen added.

Who should Arnold Allen face next, in your opinion? Will it be against Brian Ortega or The Korean Zombie, Jung Chan-Sung? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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