Latest on UFC 285: “Where you at?” Ciryl Gane calls out Jon Jones at Vegas

The Heavyweight division of the UFC has seemingly hit a staggering halt at the top as the Jones vs Ngannou fight just doesn’t seem to get made. With fans eager to see a championship fight and Francis out of the picture, the logical option for the next big title event seem to be a Ciryl Gane vs Jon Jones match.

Francis Ngannou last fought for the heavyweight division in January of 2022 against his former sparring partner Cyril Gane. Following his victory he took a long hiatus from the sport both for recovery and contractual reasons. ‘The Predator’ was not happy with the meager $600k which isn’t super high by even UFC standards.

At the same time, the Cameroonian fighter was getting set up potentially for a boxing match against one of the biggest names in boxing, Tyson Fury. Ngannou had taken notice of how even losing fighters in a Fury bout took home millions of dollars which naturally made him interested.

Tyson had gained a reputation for taking on some of the toughest challenges available out there, so he was interested for this showdown as well. Francis was present at one of Fury’s boxing bouts and in the end ‘The Gypsy King’ called out the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

How the Ciryl Gane vs Jon Jones showdown might come to be?

Cyril Gane is one of the most unique fighters in the history of the heavyweight division. While most UFC heavyweights are bulky and move comparatively slow, the 6 ft 5 Frenchman is built almost like a Muay Thai fighter. He moves around like a welterweight and tactically dismantles his enemies as opposed to throwing random shots and expecting one to land.

Francis himself is a KO/TKO fighter with almost all of his victories coming fairly early and in one sided competitions. Even he had to fight all the rounds with ‘Bon Gamin’ and only managed to win in the end as he surprised his opponent with his wrestling.

This is exactly why Gane is a great candidate for welcoming Jon Jones to the heavyweight division. Jones’s fight IQ and ground game can be countered by Cyril’s speed, power and precision shots. The french fighter has already called out Jones since rumors of Ngannou becoming a free agent has surfaced.

Who would you like to see against Jon Jones?


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