LeBron James Tattoo: how many does he have & their meanings?

A picture speaks a thousand words and perhaps, this is why people are getting more interested day by day in body painting and tattoos to secure a special moment, a person, or an achievement in life through the tattoo. And the legend of basketball has a strong penchant for adopting body arts as well. LeBron James is one of the most charismatic basketball players of the decade who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

In the 2003 NBA draft, he got the chance to build his empire in the league and his life is full of motivating stories which focus on the extraordinary journey of an ordinary man toward unprecedented stardom.

Moreover, the player has many tattoos on his body which depict his journey including the main focus of his life. So, it is time to have a look at LeBron James’s tattoos and the secrets behind them.

How many tattoos does LeBron James have?

King James has numerous tattoos on various parts of his body and according to multiple sources, the King of the Lakers has approximately over twenty tattoos on his entire body. Many of these tattoos carry meaningful messages related to LeBron’s life!

What are the meanings behind LeBron James’s tattoos?

Let’s uncover the hidden meaning of his tattoos.

  • ‘Witness’

LeBron Witness Tattoo

Position: Right Calf.

After the successful completion of the 2006 playoff games, he got the tattoo. Nick also aired a campaign with his collaboration which has this name as the title.

  • ‘Chosen 1’

LeBron Chosen 1 Tattoo

Position: Upper back.

In 2002, the basketball player was featured in Sports Illustrated magazine where he was introduced as the chosen one. This is how this one originated.

  • ‘Crowned Lion King James’

JeBron Lion Head Tattoo

Position: Right bicep.

  • ‘Beast’

LeBron Beast Tattoo

Position: Left bicep.

  • ‘330’

The Lakers player was born in Ohio with which he feels an inseparable bond. 330 is the area code of the town where he belongs.

  • What we do in Life Echoes in Eternity

JeBron Favorite Quote Tattoo

Position: Right and left arm.

James believes joining NBA was the best decision in his life and he will enjoy the result of a winning decision for the rest of his life.

  • Gifted Child

Position: Chest.

  • Gloria

LeBron Gloria Tattoo-

Position: Right arm

In the memory of his loving mom Gloria James, he got it.

  • Prince James

LeBron Prince James Tattoo

Position: Left forearm

Prince James is the name of one of his sons.

  • L and J

LeBron L and J Tattoos

Position: Left and right triceps.

Short form of his name.

  • Family

LeBron Family Tattoo

Position: Abdomen.

  • Lion

LeBron Winged Lion Tattoo

Position: Chest.

This is Saint Mark Gospel’s lion. Through the tattoo, LeBron is sharing glimpses of his inner faith.


LeBron James HISTORY Tattoo

Position: Left calf.

  • Mamba 4 Life

LeBron Mamba 4 Life Tattoo

Position: Thigh.

It was created to pay tribute to his friend and fellow basketball player Kobe Bryant who died in a plane crash.

King James has made a solid exhibition of his past, present, and future, and the significant figure and events of his life in this body painting. Let us know in the comment section which of the tattoo of the player is the most loved one to you.

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