Fans reacts to Jorge Masvidal’s retirement plans after disappointing loss at UFC 287 against Gilbert Burns

According to Jorge Masvidal, a defeat in his UFC 287 bout with Gilbert Burns could potentially mark the end of his fighting career.

Unexpectedly, the match began at a relatively slow pace. Despite holding the UFC record for the fastest knockout, Masvidal opted for a more careful strategy against Burns. In the initial round, he landed a few impressive kicks, and Gilbert responded with similar caution.

In the closing moments of the round, Burns managed to execute a takedown, which turned out to be the most significant action in the first five minutes of the fight.

Regrettably, Masvidal’s fortunes took a turn for the worse in the following round as Burns employed the same strategy, but with much more success. The Brazilian fighter effectively manhandled Jorge, leading to a lopsided and dominant second round.

“Gamebred” faced a challenging fight in which he was outmaneuvered on the ground and outmatched in striking, resulting in a decision loss. As he had warned earlier, he decided to retire and announced his retirement after the fight.

No More Fuel In Jorge Masvidal  

Jorge Masvidal

The version of Masvidal that showed up in Miami on Saturday night appeared to be slower and less impressive than the one that gained immense popularity in 2019.

In the highly competitive UFC welterweight division. Even a slight dip in one’s abilities can lead to the end of their career as a legitimate contender.

Masvidal appeared to grasp this reality after his 15-minute fight with “Durinho”. With this realization in mind and after a professional fighting career spanning two decades. He decided to retire from the sport.

Jorge’s decision to retire is commendable and honorable. Despite the possibility of earning more significant paychecks. He chose not to stick around.

Even with no chance of another title shot, he could have had an easy fight against Kevin Holland, and being the King of Miami. He would have been the perfect opponent to launch Conor McGregor’s welterweight aspirations.

However, instead of prioritizing financial gains. He recognized that he no longer possessed the passion to continue fighting.

It’s not often that fighters retire at the appropriate juncture. So Jorge deserves significant credit for deciding at the right time. Now, let’s take a look at the responses of UFC fighters, analysts, and fans regarding his retirement.

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