Jorge Masvidal denies Gilbert Burns’ UFC 287 greasing accusation: “I’ve never cheated in my life”

During UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns engaged in a thrilling brawl that went the distance. However, tensions flared up at the post-fight press conference when Burns accused Masvidal of greasing himself during the fight.

This accusation came as a surprise, as everything seemed fine between the two fighters during the bout. In response, Masvidal has spoken out to deny the allegations of greasing.

Stating that he has never cheated in any of his fights and that he would never do anything to compromise the integrity of the sport. The Sideline Critic reported that Burns issued the following statement. 

“I think I showed a lot of improvement, and that guy was freaking slippery. That’s an old dog, Miami trick with the lotion because he was so slippery. Wow.”

Despite Gilbert Burns’ success in executing takedowns during the fight, Jorge Masvidal refuted accusations of cheating during his interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“I’ve never cheated, and I’m not about to cheat,” Masvidal said. “I’ve never even had a point taken away from me in my 50-something pro fights. So for this guy to try to slander my name in my last fight, whatever, bro.

“It annoys me. I’ve never put grease or Vaseline. I just go out there and compete. I’ve never done steroids. I’ve never missed weight. I feel like I don’t have to cheat to beat any of these motherf*ckers. So it’s just whatever. Let him throw anything.”

Jorge Masvidal: A legend of the sport 

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal’s retirement news grabbed mixed reactions

During his interview, the beloved UFC fighter emphasized that he has never cheated and appeared to be agitated by Burns’ allegations. Additionally, there were no instances during breaks between rounds where Masvidal’s corner engaged in any suspicious activity, making Burns’ accusation all the more peculiar.

It’s unclear why Burns accused Masvidal of cheating. Many speculate it’s possible that Burns was trying to make a joke with his comment, but it’s unlikely. It’s more plausible that Masvidal’s sweat during the fight affected the Brazilian fighter, as “Gamebred” had suggested.

Furthermore, it would be reasonable to assume that the referee would have also noticed any suspicious behavior, as Masvidal had pointed out earlier.

Regardless, while Jorge has announced his retirement after a 52-fight career, Gilbert is focused on climbing up the welterweight rankings.

Despite retiring on a high note, Masvidal is unhappy that Burns’ allegations have marred his final fight. As a Miami native, Jorge has become one of the most recognizable figures in recent years.

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