Leon Edwards reveals the real reason for Ian Garry’s expulsion from their gym

Ian Garry garnered attention last month when Renegade Gym in Birmingham, England, chose not to welcome him anymore. The gym is home to Leon Edwards, the current welterweight champion. According to Garry, Edwards’ team banned him from the gym immediately, deeming him a potential opponent.

However, Edwards has now clarified Garry’s statement, revealing the true cause. Garry has also expressed his viewpoint on the Leon Edwards gym exodus. Ian Garry Machado addressed the question of whether Edwards was barred from training in the same gym in a post on his Instagram account.

Leon Edwards reveals reason for Ian Garry expulsion

Leon Edwards addressed the controversy involving Ian Garry and the Renegade gym in a recent interview with TNT Sports. He clarified the situation and disputed Garry’s assertions, claiming that Garry had spread untrue rumors about being kicked out of the gym. “Rocky” explained that Garry’s behavior and attitude in the training environment were the reasons behind the ban. Edwards emphasized the importance of a supportive and cooperative environment in the gym and noted that Garry’s behavior had crossed a line.

The disclosure highlights interpersonal elements beyond a fighter’s prowess, shedding light on gym culture dynamics and the importance of maintaining a positive training environment. Edwards further stated that there was no issue when individuals in his weight class worked out with him at the gym. Later, he stressed the value of adhering to the gym’s rules as a team and discussed how one individual’s actions could negatively impact the team’s culture.

Leon Edwards aims to “shut up” Colby Covington

Conflicting narratives from Ian Garry and Leon Edwards emerged on the internet about Garry’s departure from team Renegade. As supporters considered the veracity of each version, the internet was a flurry of speculative activity.

When it was revealed that Edwards and Garry would fight together in the build-up to UFC 296 against Vicente Luque and Colby Covington, respectively, the suspense increased.

The dynamic between Edwards and Garry adds an extra dimension to the event, making fans curious to see how the blending of personal and professional aspects will unfold in the lead-up to UFC 296.


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