Lewis Hamilton offers shocking perspective on Red Bull’s downturn amid McLaren and Ferrari’s surge

Red Bull has undoubtedly reached heights over the past few years in The F1 Industry. While that statement is not false, it is also true that the condition of the car decreased dramatically at The Singapore Grand Prix, as observed by the experts as well as the audience globally.

Why is it that other teams like McLaren and Ferrari have achieved a lot of victories in the Singapore Grand Prix despite being on the same track as Red Bull? Well, to answer that question, it can be simply stated that the car was not improved accordingly, and thus suffered from the consequences.

Hamilton discusses Red Bull’s recent struggles

Lewis Hamilton highly suspects that the disappointing performance of the car may be due to their lack of focus on developing next year’s car. Max Verstappen’s 10-race winning streak came to an end while settling in the fifth position in the Singapore GP, with Sergio Perez struggling to finish in the eighth.

Lewis suggested that the car might be suffering from a lack of improvements on its pace, as there was no effort seen in changing the pace of the car, while other teams like McLaren and Ferrari have significantly made a lot of improvements on their pace. This resulted in the cars being able to adapt themselves to the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

 McLaren and Ferrari did better than Red Bull in Singapore GP

While Red Bull suffered the outcome of their team not being able to develop their machines according to the track, Ferrari and McLaren did way better by grasping this opportunity, as Verstappen, a two-time world champion, was not in their way this time. Carlos Sainz and Ferrari capitalized on Red Bull’s struggles to secure a historic victory.

McLaren already had the advantage of having a much better car than the one that started this season, but the next set of updates proved to be another improvement. Lando Norris was the only McLaren driver with the new specification, and he delivered immediately. The British finished within a second of the winner, Sainz, but it never looked like Norris would win in Singapore. Despite the odds, Norris was able to grab the opportunity given to him and ended up in a very satisfactory second position.

Ferrari, on the other hand, have given a brilliant performance by making the most of struggling to win all these years, learning to develop a lot from their mistakes, and eventually putting it into practice this season in the Singapore GP. Everything the Italians did in Singapore was right: the speed in qualifying was excellent, and consequently, the perfect execution of the Grand Prix resulted in Carlos Sainz being able to stand in the very first position.

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